Be Careful Little Eye

“You may have a neurological problem.” Ha Ha! Okay, now tell me something I don’t know. “You must go immediately to get a CAT scan.” You are kidding me, right Doc?

He wasn’t. It all started with by far the worst headache on my record. It felt like The Big Show had slammed me completely through the turnbuckle. The pain was so intense that I could barely function but it was my eye that created the drama.

Apparently having one pupil larger than the other is not a good thing. At least it is not a good thing when accompanied by a hurting skull. So off to the ER I go with my head still in a vice but struggling to figure out what a neurological problem might be.

Well, I got no answers but I did get numerous lights shown in my eyes and finally after about three hours some meds. They work. They work well and soon I find myself in a happy place.

Only I begin to hear voices- familiar ones- so I drift out of my doze to find myself surrounded by three of my elders. That was when I knew it was over. Lord, I am coming home! I was a goner and these brothers were here to usher me into heaven and all because of a lousy headache. What a way to go!

But somewhere along the way the CAT scan happened. The doc comes in and gravely says, “I’ve got news. We found something…. You do have a brain.” Hardee har har! Save the comedy for Leno doc. Then he pronounces my diagnosis. No, it is not anything neurological. No, they do not know why one of my pupils is larger than the other. They do know I have “chronic sinus disease”.

What? All of this drama for a stinkin sinus infection? Yep. Here are your prescriptions. You are discharged. We hope your head feels better.

Well, my head does feel some better and my pocketbook will be a great deal lighter, but I guess it was worth the adventure. I now most assuredly know that I have a brain and one pupil larger than the other.

That brings up a question. Terri has been telling me that because of my age I need glasses. Does that mean that one lens will have to be bigger than the other?


One Response to Be Careful Little Eye

  1. DJG says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was going to take exception to the fact that you were calling yourself “old” at 47..(my age too) but when I read that you have two girls under age 5 I understand why you might feel that way.

    While you are still busy on the front end I now have FOUR grandchildren! Of course three are triplets that are two weeks old, but still.

    Love the fact that they found your brain! Good luck with the glasses, isn’t it amazing how everyone has suddenly shrunk their type……

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