Wow. Talk about fighting mad. My wife rarely gets her hackles up very high, but last night Nancy Grace really set her off.

By now I am sure that you are aware of the disgraceful way Nancy Grace has been portraying the Churches of Christ on her news program in connection with the Winkler tragedy. She seems to be doing her best to demonize us and somehow make the church an accessory to the murder.

Last night she had Dr. Bob Jones of all people ruminating about us. In his old preachery tone (yes, some preachers are even older than me:) he proclaimed that our views on salvation are unscriptural. She also has invited other religious “experts” to go off on us unchallenged.

Most ridiculously of all was her interview with Dr. Rubel Shelly who was representing us. She asked him loaded questions and then did not allow him time for adequate answers- even bringing the women’s role into play. That is when Terri really lost it. Specifically when Ms Grace blurted out over Dr. Shelly’s attempt at an answer, “What about Mary Magdalene? What if she had kept quiet?”

At that point Terri was ready to throw down. She tried repeatedly to phone in but finally had to settle for a pointed email. If she could have managed to get in the same room with Ms Grace a good old fashioned no-holds barred, Texas steel cage match would have broken out. Don’t get this Arkansas girl all “riled” up!

Honestly my first reaction was to Ms Grace was to laugh because it was all so over the top, but it is really not a laughing matter.

A terrible tragedy is now being turned into a sideshow of speculation and distorted facts. In the absence of a motive and with air-time to fill pundits like Ms Grace are trampling all over the legacy of a well-respected, multi-generational family of ministers and attempting to indict the church as a cultish co-conspirator in this murder.

Terri has a right to be angry. It is a disGrace.


4 Responses to DisGrace

  1. Hoots Musings says:

    Honestly, the manner in which the Winkler family, the congregation, and the rest of the Church of Christ is behaving is showing the world that unity is the only answer.

    I will not watch Nancy Grace anymore, and it confirms for me why I watch Fox News.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. JD says:

    Go Terri!

    Ixnay on the acegray.

  3. Tommy says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Last night my class brought up the Nancy Grace thing and I didn’t even no who she was. I watch Fox News.

    I do remember you coming to Parkway with John several years ago. You were still old back then.

  4. Wail says:

    I was listening the first night when Ms. “Grace” did us dirty. I was hoping that there would be an opportunity for someone to set the record straight. So I was glad when Rubel got on, but was disappointed in how it went when I read the transcript of the show. I have decided it would have been better to just ignore her and her show. It was a casting pearls before swince situation. Next time I’ll just stick to “Wife Swap” on ABC.

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