The Tree and Other Girls

Ah, girls! “Sugar and spice and everything nice”- well, mostly 🙂 My earliest memories are filled with girls- three older sisters and my mom. Growing up I was always outnumbered. Now with three daughters (two at home) and of course, my sweet wife I remain in the minority. Girls, girls, girls- move over Elvis- that has been my life.

I remember my first “girlfriend”. Her name was Renee and she was by far the most enchanting five year old beauty in our first grade class. We were inseparable until she took a toy from me on the playground and I called her “grenade”. After she hit me on the head with a pine branch even I understood it was over.

Then there was the lovely Linda in seventh grade. It was all about “puppy love” with her. I knew we were destined to be together- then she wrote me a note which began, “To my ex”. At first I did not know what that meant, but eventually it sunk in.

I found out that this experience of bewilderment would not be my last. When it came to girls, growing up, I always seemed to a little dazed and confused. Once in high school a girl walked up and gave me her phone number. My reply? “Why do I need this?”

In my senior year, sweet Sondra, the girl who would become my “steady” literally ran into me in the hall three or four times. I probably would still be thinking she needed glasses unless her friend had not finally told me to call her!

My cluelessness knew no boundaries when it came to girls. I coined the nickname “Sci-Fi” for a girl in junior high. Flattering huh? She had flaming red hair and a mouth full of braces. It seemed appropriate at the time, but I heard that no one thought about her in those terms later- on the runway.

Then there was “The Tree”. She was the girlfriend of one of my best friends. She had a husky voice, was kind of stocky and had skin that appeared a little barky to me. I had great fun with this nickname! Now, I understand she could buy an entire forest of trees if she so desired.

I think back to these days on the occasions when I still struggle with the opposite sex. (Which, by-the-way is often) And I praise God that in spite of my ignorance I have been blessed and remain so.

I don’t think I could have a wife better suited for me. God came through in a big way for me with Terri. I am proud of my nurse daughter, Natalie. She has been one determined young lady. My four year old, Taylor is something to behold. She is scary smart and full of surprises. And then there is Jordan- seven months of pure joy, but I am afraid that she may be the biggest gender challenge to me yet!

Girls! Can’t live without them. At least I haven’t been able.


3 Responses to The Tree and Other Girls

  1. R.J. Morgan says:

    Couldn’t relate more to your female-related shortcomings, Preach!

    Good to hear from you, glad things are going well…

  2. JD says:

    Great post. Terri deserves a trophy.

  3. DJG says:

    Understand us????never. But that’s OK, we don’t understand us either.

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