Questions that make me go Hmmmm

Why do we add an “s” on the New Testament book- Revelation?

Why do we think it is okay to suspend clear biblical teaching on mutual respect and love when they discover someone else disagrees with a doctrinal position they hold?

Why do some steadfastly refuse to accept the praise and worship language of other generations?

At what point do churches become alarmed by their dwindling numbers and consider alternative ways for outreach?

If we will not fellowship each other now, will we in heaven?

Why do we tend to be so sensitive about what happens on one hour on Sunday morning, but less so about other meeting times?

Why do we spend more time in front of a television than in prayer and meditation?

Why is forgiveness- both giving and receiving- so difficult sometimes?

Why do we have to have something like 33 churches of Christ in this town?

Why can’t Ole Miss ever compete for a national championship in football? (Okay, so this last question is a little out of context, but it does make me go hmmmm.)


9 Responses to Questions that make me go Hmmmm

  1. Stoned-Campbell Disciple says:

    Those are some “hum” dingers … except the last 🙂

    Bobby V

  2. Ben Overby says:

    Another hmmmmm. Why does a movement that gets its initial energy from a deep desire for unity have a well-earned reputation for division?

    To your last question, it’s like asking why can’t the sun stop shining, or why do oranges taste like orange, or why can’t the big orange (U of Tenn) develop a losing football program? We are what we are not what we say we are. Ole Miss is what it is. Ole Miss can’t compete for a national championship because it is Ole Miss. And that truth makes me go Hmmmmm. That is, if we say we want unity, but really create division, then does that mean that we aren’t really serious about what we say?

    Ben Overby

  3. Gary W. Kirkendall says:

    The last question is by far the easiest to address, and I suppose is rhetorical. Your post inspired my latest.

    Also, Ben, like most UT fans, simply denies that last year ever happened!!!


  4. Gary W. Kirkendall says:

    “denies” is plural because it is symyomatic of an entire group1

  5. Danny says:

    One preseason mag has Ole Miss ranked 16th- higher than UT I might add. 🙂

  6. JT and Alex says:


    I don’t deny that last year happened. The basketball teams did quite well. We took the year off from football, however, playing only the 7th string out of fear that everyone in the SEC (esp. Mississippi teams) was going to wiggle out of having to play us. Our trick obviously worked, if as Danny tells us, some dorky, brainless magazine actually put Ole Miss ahead in the rankings. Of course, Danny may have been reading MAD magazine or some other magazine attempting to get a laugh.

    By the way, Danny, the number 16 might have been a report of the avergage IQ of Ole Miss football players. But the players score slightly higher than the fans, according to some sources.

    Go Vols!


  7. Stoned-Campbell Disciple says:

    You guys have it all wrong! Roll Tide!!!!! 🙂

    Bobby Valentine

  8. L.E.Meredith says:

    Why do we call Sunday morning “assembly of Praise” Sunday morning worship when the bible plainly states we assemble to edify one another give praise to God, and remember Jesus Christ.
    worship should be 24/7????

  9. Danny says:

    BV, saying it twice was so Alabamaish! LOL

    And Wow! I had no idea how much Ben bleeds UT orange.

    Politics, religion and SEC football- all one and the same! 🙂

    l.e. got us back on course though.

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