Dear Jimmy

It has been too long between blogs. I could bore you will all the details of how busy I am since summer began, but I will spare you. 🙂

Three years ago this month I lost one of my best friends- Jimmy Bradshaw. Of all of the people God has blessed my life with no one has ever had a bigger heart than Jimmy. All of his six foot- six inch frame was pure heart. He was the best camp counselor I ever saw. Always plagued with self-doubt because of a learning disability and occasionally slowed by diabetes, Jimmy overcame all of that to endear himself to so many in two continents. He was an avid outdoorsman and lived life to the fullest. He lived only a half-a-century- much too short for our purposes and I still miss him greatly. I wrote the following not long after he left us.

Dear Jimmy,

“Dog your time.” You just could not wait
To beat us all to the pearly gates
To hurry and seek out the Lord, no doubt
To find answers to the questions you always asked about
And now from the perspective of where you are’
You can read everything including the stars
I imagine the waters you swam and mountains you skied
Are probably not as awesome as they used to be
The boats are not as fast or the bears big at all
Even the view from your beloved plane now seems small
You always did enjoy traveling new country
And now we can only dream of what you now see
The glory of the Lord and the majesty of the Lamb
Together with thousands in the angel band
Surround you and protect you where you never grow old
As you explore the sights on those streets of gold
For Sardis and Ruta, those camps you loved
Surely cannot compare to your camp now above
As much as I miss you and wish you were here, Jimbo
Would I want you to come back now? “Hairbill no!”


4 Responses to Dear Jimmy

  1. Orange Grover says:

    he was a good man…

  2. Gary W. Kirkendall says:

    Jimmy was a wonderful person and personality. I doubt if cabin #1 can ever again do their skit of David & Goliath! Not only was Jimmy a great man, he comes from a great family and renewed their faithfulness for another generation. Once he took my son,Daniel,for a ride in his ultra-light — I watched them dive bomb a guy checking his rice fields — they scared the poor man out of his wits! Maybe Jimmy had a tough time reading, but he understood people and and he lived life to the max! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. JD says:

    Thanks for a fitting tribute. I saw Diana not long ago. She hasn’t changed a bit. It was hard not to look for Jimmy by her side … he loved her so much. A giant of a man, with a heart to match.

  4. R.J. Morgan says:

    i think of him often, esp. this time of year…. thanks for the post.

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