How Christ Connected

These are points from Sunday’s concluding sermon on my summer-long series on The Church that Connects. Here Christ is compared to the community of established religious leaders.

Christ spoke to hearts, the establishment spoke about rules– think of the “You have heard it was said” texts from the Sermon on the Mount

Christ thought relationally, the establishment thought institutionally– recall his healing on the Sabbath day- Luke 13:10-17

Christ was genuine, the establishment was hypocritical– Jesus taught as one having authority- Matthew 7:28-29

Christ empowered people, the establishment feared them– remember the panic of the establishment in the story of Jesus healing the man born blind- John 9

Christ offered real hope, the establishment offered condemnation– the woman caught in act of adultery perfectly illustrates this- John 8:4-11

Maybe you have some connecting points of Christ you can add to this list?


3 Responses to How Christ Connected

  1. TCS says:

    Danny, My favorite one is the Jesus saw the person the establishment saw the problem.

    Think dinner at Simon’s house. He saw what the woman “was”. Jesus it says turned and looked at her when he spoke to Simon. I love that part.

  2. Ben Overby says:

    Even before being with people, Jesus connected with the Father in places of solitude in order to get power, the establishment prayed on corners in order to get noticed. (Mt. 6, Jesus’ prayer, “Your kingdom come,” an imperative statement, appealing for God’s power an influence to flow into earth. Pharisees trotted out long phrases and cliches, thinking they’d look religious. The establishment was promoting it’s kingdom, Jesus was praying God’s kingdom.)

  3. Danny says:

    Tommy I wish I had that one for my sermon. Thanks.

    Ben, I think we still go around promoting our kingdom instead of living Christs.

    Thanks guys for you input.

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