I confess to a love affair- with books. Why is it that with so many options now, books still have such an appeal? In the age of instant communication they should be out-dated, but just try walking down an aisle of a bookstore without stepping around or even over someone! Here are some of my book facts:

The last book I read from cover-to-cover: Like a Shepherd Lead Us by David Fleer and Charles Siburt- during my recent trip on the plane.

Books I am currently reading at a slower pace: Lone Star Rising by William C. Davis- a biography of Lyndon Johnson; Falling in Love with Jesus People, A Study in the Book of Acts by Rubel Shelly- for my Wednesday Acts class; and a book entitled Big Trees– about the history of the Sequoia National Park that I picked up while I was there.

Books on my priority shelf waiting to be read next: One Size Doesn’t Fit All by Gary McIntosh- an intriguing book about church growth; Down in the River to Pray by John Mark Hicks and Greg Taylor; Ministerial Ethics by Trull and Carter; and Pilgrim Heart by Darryl Tippens.

Books I have read recently to recommend; Kingdom Come by Bobby Valentine and John Mark Hicks; Myths America Lives By by Richard Hughes; and They Also Went by Ken Sewell- a look at missionaries and mission work.

Books that have been graciously given to me recently: I was the glad recipient of a host of older books given to me by a sweet sister here including- The Sermon on the Mount and the Civil State by Foy E. Wallace; a commentary on The Book of Revelation also by Wallace; Contending for the Faith by G.C. Brewer; a commentary on Isaiah by H.A. Ironside; The Holy Spirit by H. Leo Boles and The Scheme of Redemption by Robert Milligan. I also just was given another somewhat older book by a brother in California entitled The God Who is There by Francis A. Schaeffer.

I always give my wife, Terri, a wish list for books for after Christmas pleasure reading. These usually follow my penchant for history, sports or a combination thereof. This year’s list includes a book on the last year all three pro baseball teams were in New York entitled The Last Good Season. Also on the list is a biography of my boyhood hero, quarterback of the Colts- Johnny U. and a book on the history of pirates. I usually get a book on WWII or the Civil War, but I am seeking something different this year.

Beyond this I enjoy nostalgic collecting of youth adventure books from my boyhood. Anyone ever heard of the Jeff White series by Lew Dietz or Smoke Patrol and Ski Patrol by Montgomery M. Atwater? I have several books by these authors and more. It is a fun hobby.

Plus I am trying to pass my love (and Terri’s love too) down to my daughters and started another nostalgic driven collection for them of Little Golden Books. Reading them the stories from these great books I grew up with has been fun too.

Well that is about it for me and my books. Do you share my passion?


4 Responses to Books

  1. DJG says:

    I share your passion. I am currently reading Brian McLaren’s The Secret Message of Jesus and NT Wrights Simply Christian. I am also reading a couple of suspense novels and studying from Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World for the class I teach.

    I have several waiting for me on the shelf….I am looking forward to reading season!

  2. Soren says:


    I share your passion.

    I’m going to put the book by Fller that you mentioned on my wish list.

    Currently I’m reading Barna’s “Revolution” and Randy Alcorn’s “Heaven.” Also, I picked up “Simple Church” by Thom Ranier. Hope to get to it next week.


  3. Danny says:

    Thanks guys for sharing your passion too! Can’t go wrong in sharing good books.

  4. Stoned-Campbell Disciple says:

    My question is how can one stand in the pulpit and NOT love books??? I have run across a preacher or two that did not like to read … and it showed I confess.

    Thanks for thinking enough of my book to recommend it. I am humbled.

    A few unsolicited comments on your “older” books. Schaeffer is a good read but certainly address a “modern” problem than a postmodern one. Wallace, in my opinion, is good for history purposes and not much else. Boles on the Holy Spirit is an exposition of the classic “I believe in the ‘indwelling’ of the Spirit … through the word but he doesn’t do anything” position.

    Bobby Valentine

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