The My Generation

Recently while reading an article in the latest Homiletics magazine I ran across this new-to-me term- the My Generation.

The article compared the current My Generation with the We Generation (better known as the greatest generation) and the Me Generation and concluded that those in the My Generation are much more self-centered and self-serving.

The author of the article, Timothy Merrill googled “my +” and turned up 4.9 billion hits. Wow! Included in that was “myway, myfamily, myyahoo, mynews, mypyramid, myAol, mygradebook, mymoney, myhero, mymovies, myhealth, mypublisher, mytravelguide, mypoints, myworld, mypay,” and of course, the ubiquitous

It is all about possessing. That is what sets this generation apart even from those in the much-maligned Me Generation. Here is Mr. Merrill’s observation:

“MY is a first person singular possessive case pronoun. Not only do the denizens of our culture expect all action to flow toward them, when it does, it is immediately grabbed and possessed. It- whatever ‘it’ is- becomes my or mine, a flight, if you please, back to the preschool sandbox mentality.”

Practically, what this means is that we are “not interested in stories about some else’s spirituality. Mother Teresa bores us. We want something that works for ‘mylife’ or mySoul.”

If the conclusions of this article have any merit, it does present quite a challenge to our churches to understand that whether we like it or not, people are in a possessing mood and then to respond to that in effective ways to help the My Generation take possession of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Because, as the article points out, only by taking possession of such a relationship can MY turn into YOU- as in, You are worthy our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power. (Revelation 4:11)

The next question is, am I a part of this generation?


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