It is a Wonderful Life

I recently watched this terrific old movie again. To me it never gets old. George Bailey reaching in his pocket and discovering Zuzu’s petals still gives me chills. His running through Bedford Falls shouting “Merry Christmas” to anyone and anything is classic. George needed an ASC (angel second class) Clarence Oddbody to jolt him back to his wonderful life.What about us?

I think of my gorgeous and talented wife, Terri. She loves me in spite of me and truly is a main reason life is wonderful. She is the model of unselfish service and her price “is far above rubies.”

I think of our two girls, Taylor and Jordan. They bring a light and life to our home that is exciting, sweet, challenging and lively. They are God’s gift to me.

I think of my daughter, Natalie who has grown into a beautiful and responsible young woman. I enjoy our adult conversations together.

I think of my mom, still active at 78 and my three sisters and their families and cherish them now more than I ever have.

I think of Terri’s family which now is also my family and rejoice in this welcome and additional circle of friends.

I think of my old and dear friends who have encouraged me, loved me, challenged me, and been there for me over the years. Life would be much less wonderful without them.

I think of my church family at Gateway. They have embraced my ministry enthusiastically and continue to demonstrate their support in so many loving ways. It is a blessing to be here.

I think of my extended church family. Wherever I go generosity and hospitality await. There truly are no strangers in the Lord and I have been very blessed in many places by the family of God.

I think most of all about that babe born in humiliation who died very scandalously, but who was not in that tomb three days later. Without him nothing else would matter.

Life is wonderful and needs to be embraced just as exuberantly as George finding those petals.

Do you recognize how God makes your life wonderful?

May God bless you with a fantastic Christmas!


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