Catching Up…Again

Thanks to all who have kept checking in even though I am very much behind in updating my blog. Now that the tyranny of the urgent seems to be behind me, my goal is to do a much better job.My quick trip to Vilnius, Lithuania was a joy. The young church there is as healthy and unified as they have ever been and poised, I believe, to enjoy growth and long-term stability. I enjoyed spending time planning, praying and studying with the two Lithuanian evangelists there. I was also heartened by the genuine dedication I witnessed in the young people, many of whom are products of our Christian camp. Their spiritual focus is contagious and if we can only keep them in the country they will ensure a dynamic future for the kingdom there.

My last night abroad was spent in luxury. Forced to overnight in Copenhagen because of airline schedules, a friend and brother at Gateway had arranged through his points account a room for me at the Marriott. What a room! I never ventured out. I was well rested upon my arrival home.

The trip was indeed a blessing but not as much as seeing my girls once I got back. I cannot thank God enough for Terri who takes care of the home fires while I am away. What a blessing she is to my ministry. I was only home a few days when I left again.

You can read all about that in my next post.

God bless you and thanks again for checking in on the adventures.


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