I honestly do not know if the title is even a word, it just sounded appropriate for this post. I could have done something cutesy like “Danny’s doodlings”, but I don’t normally do cute. 🙂

Much going on with me these days. First up is a trip to the Faulkner lectures tomorrow with John Dobbs and Les Ferguson, Jr. We plan to meet other old buds, Gary Kirkendall, Cecil May III and Richard May there. I have never been on Faulkner’s campus. Should be a good trip and a good reunion.

Just finished teachng the Restoration Revisited series (see previous post) last Sunday. I thouroughly enjoyed preparing for and teaching this class to our young couples. Talk about a receptive audience! They really connected to this study.

God is working at Gateway. About five years ago Gateway went through a family split. As in any of these tragedies the pain and damage took time to heal. Gateway was left with around 300 regular attendees then. Yesterday, praise God, we broke 500 for the first time on a normal Sunday. I am not surprised. There is a real genuineness and servant-spirit in our body of believers that is extremely flattering to Christ. I know it attracted me to become part of this family to minister here.  With growth comes challenges though. Please join us in praying that we allow God to equip us for them.

Currently I am in the middle of a sermon series on Christ’s Sermon on the Mount (See earlier post). It has been wonderfully rewarding for me personally. My study has led me to an even greater appreciation for the courage and vision of our Lord. I do have to credit David Fleer and the 2006 Rochester College Sermon Seminar for inspiring me to dig deeper into this text. David, by the way, has recently accepted a teaching position at Lipscomb. I know God will use David’s exceptional gifts to bless many there.

Ole Miss and Missisippi State tied for the SEC West regular season championship. The apocolypse is upon us!


6 Responses to Randomness

  1. Donna says:

    Yep, the Alabama schools have busily been self-destructing….

  2. bit of irony in sharing the title.

    Glad to hear of the healing and growth happening there.

  3. Fleer is probably one of the best preachers in the “brotherhood.” He has literally blown me away …

    Delighted to hear about your digging into that subversive sermon by Jesus. It was rad before rad was cool.

    Talked with my sister yesterday and she was saying some very good things about you. Keep up the good work.

    Bobby Valentine

  4. benoverby says:


    Great to hear good news about the kingdom! Be safe traveling.


  5. Steve says:


    It is so good to hear of a congregation experiencing that kind of growth. Keep up the good work. God is obviously using you to bless others.


  6. dannydodd says:

    Good to hear from you all. As always it seems I am playing catch-up on the blog.

    The lecture trip was fun. You can check out John Dobbs blog to get a just-right report on it.

    Thanks for your encouragement about the growth God is blessing us with. It is exciting.

    Bobby, it is so good to see Trudy here regularly. She is a sweet lady. And I agree with you about Fleer. He is one of my heroes.

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