Label Me That

Recently this was written about my church; “The Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola has been a liberal congregation for many years.” On a scale between one and twenty with twenty being the most “liberal”, it was written that we are a “15”. Interesting labeling, this.

This got me to thinking, who gives us the right to do this? Consider the labels we toss around at each other (and the definitions):

  • Liberal- generous, bountiful, munificent, giving freely, providing, open-minded
  • Progressive- advancing, relating to or characterized by progress
  • Conservative- preservative, marked by moderation

I don’t know about you, but I like all these terms. Maybe I can shake them all up and create a new label to wear. I wonder where that would fall on the scale?

Or I could just be a Christian. That one has a heavenly ring to it. No need for a scale either. Grace has that covered.

Just a Christian. Label me that.


21 Responses to Label Me That

  1. Amen, Danny, Amen! That’s the label I want!

  2. johndobbs says:

    Grace is so out of the picture of some people that it is LIBERAL to believe in GRACE! Besides, I would rate you a 16.

  3. Amen brother!

    Who ARE these people? Labeling and ranking churches. Get a life already. Danny, ignore these morons.


  4. Tim Archer says:

    From reading Paul’s letters, you get the feeling that he was frequently labeled as well.

    By the way, you’ve stolen my topic for my blog this week. I’ll probably still do it, but now I’m a hopeless copycat. 😉

    Have a great day.

    Grace and peace,

  5. Delighted you have made it to 15! One wonders where they would place Jesus?

    Bobby Valentine

  6. Lee Hodges says:

    Considering the mindset that this scale probably comes from that puts you in some mighty good company. But I too prefer Christian.

  7. dannydodd says:

    Thanks for the comment guys- and the support. On a scale of one to twenty with twenty being the most grace-filled, you all rank at the top! 🙂

  8. brian says:

    you have to laugh, to avoid crying…

  9. Al Sturgeon says:

    Shake up all those terms and you’re a Libe-Gress-Ative.

    (Just cite me when you write the book.)


  10. Al Sturgeon says:

    Although I think I might start claiming to be a card-carrying munificent. That has a nice ring to it.

    Suggestion: When someone calls you a “liberal,” tell them you’re more of a munificent. That ought to slow them up at least.

  11. johndobbs says:

    I thought a munificent was a yeast roll.

  12. Al Sturgeon says:

    Well it is, but it’s a generous and bountiful yeast roll.

    (Okay, Danny, you can have your blog back.)

  13. dannydodd says:

    LOL, you guys are on a roll. To borrow an old ESPN gag- somebody get you some butta.

  14. Charlie says:

    Danny – Amen, Amen You are singing my song– I have come to believe that we should accept anyone who is willing to proclaim Jesus as Lord while at the same time being firm in our convictions and continuing to teach those convictions with a passionate concern for those (whether they consider themselves Christians or not) who may not have fully appropriated God’s gracious gift.

    Did you see Bobby Valentine’s list of quotes from RM “fathers” about unity and diversity?

    God Bless

  15. dannydodd says:

    Yes, Charlie I did see that list. If only more of us (like you)would adopt that spirit!

  16. Donna says:

    Late to the fray….but all labels are just insecurities unveiled. I only say that cause Al stole my thunder by making up the combined word!!!

  17. ken says:

    why am i always one of the last ones to arrive at great discussions? my comments will probably not even be read, but i did want to say that what gateway “is” is what drew me to it when i was stationed at nas p’cola back in the late 80’s.

    danny, i don’t remember you being there, but i’m sure you are continuing in the same way that they were then … and probably a little more ‘liberally’ than then.

    eddie levick married my my wife and there, and i was baptized there. thanks for being a shining lamp in the darkness.

    i wonder where port city would be on that list? i guess we’re higher than 20 if we are not on that list. can you imagine how the services are at the #1 church? i wonder if anyone smiles there?

  18. dannydodd says:

    Ken, thanks for stopping by. Eddie was here last fall during homecoming and it was my pleasure to meet him. Good point about the smiles.

    Donna, Al only made up one word. How about pro-serv-al!

  19. Ken, I read your commment! Your experience speaks louder than any number.

    Danny, I’m all for accepting as many as possible who claim to follow Christ, but to be honest some are hard to accept. The pride and self-righteousness of some ruffle my feathers. I remember Randy Harris talking about getting “written up” (do people other than Church of Christers undertand that term?) they said they had written him thrice and not a word. He said, “I’ve got a word for you, Stupid! or Moron!” Not exactly kind, but funny. Ok, I’ll go back to my corner.

    Oh, and on the scale, as I remember Bud, he was like a 25 (15 years ago) so the rest of you must be slacking off. I hope that soon you can join the people off the list.

  20. dannydodd says:

    Funny Randy Harris story Tommy. I did not know that you knew Bud. He is indeed a blessing to us.

  21. Darin says:


    I don’t know you Matt or your church but it seems you have received a compliment.

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