“Think, think, think”

One of my daughter Taylor’s favorite storybook characters is Winnie the Pooh. Whenever that lovable, chubby ole bear is faced with a challenge he reminds himself to “think, think, think.”

I like that. While I have not always followed that advice, it is good- very good.

Many have jump-started me to thinking over the years and I am in debt to them and their scholarship. Early in my ministry education both Bill Lambert and Cecil May, Jr. pushed me to think for myself. Their emphasis was on balance and honest pursuit of truth. That focus has never left me.

Our restoration fathers of several generations have whispered to me to “think, think, think” through their written scholarship. Alexander Campbell, David Lipscomb, T.B. Larimore and G.C. Brewer have all broadened my personal and spiritual horizons.

Then there are the scholars of today who continue to influence me to think. Rubel Shelly, F. Lagard Smith, Richard Hughes, John Mark Hicks, Bud Myer, David Fleer and Bobby Valentine among them.

I can cite even more, not within my church “heritage” like C.S. Lewis, Eugene Peterson, John MacArthur and F.F. Bruce who challenge me.

My point is- “thinking” is essential if we are not to stagnate and die. “Thinking” matures us and opens up our heart. “Thinking” creates growth and sparks creativity. “Thinking” leads us to look beyond our own little box to other possibilities. We should not fear “thinking”; we should embrace it.

I am not a scholar but I do benefit from those who are. As I “think, think, think” I do not always agree with their conclusions, but the process blesses me and I end up stronger every time.  

I “think” this is what Hebrews 5:11-6:12 is about.

God is telling us, “think, think, think.”


3 Responses to “Think, think, think”

  1. Matt Dabbs says:

    Jack Lewis once wrote something on “The ministry of study.” If there was ever a student of the Bible, there is one. It was in the HUGSR Bulletin, v8 n13. It seems like we are moving experiential and away from thinking (although experience does need thinking to take place). Those fellows you listed are some good ones. Take care

  2. Dee Andrews says:

    Hey, Danny –

    I’m a thinker, so I really relate to this post. Lately I’ve been suffering from insomnia (we’re building a house and that is never far from my mind) so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking – like for two plus hours – in the middle of the night, and praying and it is always beneficial, even if I would prefer sleep – and I would!

    Thanks for the reminder of the value of thinking.

    Cheers & Blessings to you all! Dee

  3. dannydodd says:

    Dee, sorry to hear about the insomnia, but you are making the best of it.

    Thanks for stopping by Matt. I appreciate your comments.

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