Every Good Friday is Followed by Easter

I am not exactly sure the origin of the terms Good Friday and Easter, but I am sure what they celebrate.  

While the day Christ was crucified most certainly did not seem “good” to those living the moment, it is now remembered and celebrated on Good Friday. Of course, for those of us now living after the moment, we realize how remarkably “good” his death was- for us.   

Easter, as we all know, honors the resurrection Sunday. It is the celebration of the three days later when the tomb of Christ was discovered to be empty. That empty tomb is the very foundation of our Christian faith. It should always be honored, celebrated and remembered.  

While a discussion of these topics could take us down several different paths, the focus of this post is the example of God taking that ugly, cruel and awful scene of the cross and transforming it into that absolutely glorious victory three days later. He took what initially appeared as the agonizing end of the line for Christ and his ministry and turned it into an amazing beginning of the worldwide spread of that ministry. The horrors of Good Friday changed into the joys of Easter.  

He still works that way. 

Because of our relationship to the Father through the Son, we can be assured that whatever Good Fridays we face will be followed by an Easter. We have all been there. Dark days happen when we feel like we have no future. Tough times come and make themselves at home. They are inescapable. But they are survivable. They can be defeated. That is the supreme promise of Easter. Two points: 

  • This is not about “health and wealth”. Some view God’s promises such as “working all things together for good” (See Romans 8:28) as a means to manipulate God for self-enrichment and empowerment. God’s real promises of victory are not about some shallow self-help scheme. They are the substantive foundation of our eternal hope. When we can confidently look death in the face and not fear, (See 1st Corinthians 15: 55-57) there is no Good Friday experience that we cannot survive.
  • It is about resurrection power. The same power of God that brought about the original Easter assures us of our own Easters. This “incomparably great power” is now at work in “us who believe”. It will allow us to realize “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (See Ephesians 1:15-23; 3:14-21).  

So, if you ever find yourself thinking it is the end of your line- that there is just no imaginable way out- believe! Believe in the God of Easter and embrace the power of the resurrection.  

With our Father in heaven, every Good Friday is followed by Easter.


4 Responses to Every Good Friday is Followed by Easter

  1. Trey Morgan says:

    Amen, brother. Love the post. This life is full of Good Friday’s thankfully we have the God of Easter. As it has been said, “It may be Friday, but Sunday’s a coming.”

    Love the post. Blessings,


  2. Wonderful post.

    Bobby Valentine

  3. benoverby says:

    Amen, Danny! My heart is bursting with joy for what Jesus has done for us and the hope we all share. Thanks for helping us reflect.

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