Yea, I am Busy

We had an awesome four-city mission trip. It was an honor for me to accompany our youth group. For me the trip was summed up by an elderly YMCA volunteer in St. Louis who choked back tears in talking about the renewed “hope” our group brought her as we worked beside her.

Our busy summer continues as, I am sure,  does yours. VBS, camp, vacation, adding a room onto our home, etc are all calling my name. Obviously my blog has and will continue to suffer as a result.  

I have been thinking about this busyness and in this weeks bulletin preached to myself. I share it with you below.


Remember when Jesus was questioned about which command was the most important? (See Matthew 22:34-40) Sure, it was a loaded question designed to expose Christ as a pretender, but he used it to clearly define what is most important. Jesus just sliced through all their rhetoric and convoluted reasoning to reveal God’s top priority for us. The most important is to love God and each other with heaven’s passion. And ever since Jesus spoke these words heaven has been encouraging us to prioritize our life thusly.


The results have been- how shall I say- overall rather pathetic. It is not that we don’t get it. We do. Loving God and each other heaven’s way opens us up to a total transformation. By making this most important to us, everything else spiritually significant follows. This is why Jesus originally said, “all the Law and Prophets hang on these two commandments”. If we refuse to love, we will refuse to do the remainder of God’s will.


So, it is not a misunderstanding that stops us from prioritizing God’s way. It is just that so many other “important” matters get in the way. We are busy people, after all, with important stuff to do. We have incredible demands on our time. We have important meetings and career goals to achieve. And when we are finished with all that, well, we are just tired. So, the few minutes of freedom from the important we have, we like to relax and enjoy. This leaves little time to truly invest in a purposed way for God’s priorities.


But God does not stop reminding us to make him most important. Think of one of the original Ten Commandments. “You shall have no other Gods before me.” Or consider another call from Jesus to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness”. Then there is that sage wisdom from Solomon that the entire purpose of man is to “fear God and keep his commandments.” Everything else he challenges us is simply “meaningless.”


That last statement really hits me where I live. It really says that unless my most important is God’s most important then all the other important stuff I do really does not matter.


It is all about priorities and here is what I know about them:

  • My time, my money, my energy, my gifts and my passion will follow my priorities.

  • I can’t have two top priorities
  • If God is not my most important priority then I will not ever be able to truly follow him 

This is why Jesus answered that long ago question as he did. Love defines the single most important investment of our heart, time, talents, passion, and energy. We give all to what we love. If that is God then the law, the prophets, the commandments, the sacrifices, the devotion, the discipleship, the involvement he is seeking will naturally happen. We will not be too busy. We will not find something else more important. We will not neglect our relationship to his church. We will share our faith and encourage others. We will be demonstrating God’s most important in our character and life.


2 Responses to Yea, I am Busy

  1. benoverby says:


    Thanks for the reminder of the need for priorities in our relationship with God and others. I poked around at a similar idea at my blog this morning.

    Ben O

  2. Trey Morgan says:

    Danny, You and Ben are REALLY working me over. Thanks for the reminder.

    Blessings one a great summer.

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