The Summertime Blues


Alan Jackson sang about them a few years ago. He claimed that there “ain’t no cure” for them. Well, I dunno, but I do seem to have them. Just feel like I am in a creative funk- like the well is a little dry.

I know reading is the best way to rejuvinate the mind. I am reading The Way of the Wild Heart by John Eldridge, but not at the pace I prefer. I still have Simply Christian by Wright on my desk shelf just waiting for me. And there are a couple of smaller books that I need to read to help me prepare for some upcoming class series that I plan to teach. I need to go to the beach (or mountains) for a week and just read. That would be awesome.

I am working on plans for fall sermons and classes. The sermon focus will be on the Ten Commandments. My idea for a class is still evolving but I think I have settled on an overall theme of Truth versus Tradition . This should be really interesting.

I enjoyed going over last Wednesday to the Fort Walton Beach church and participating in their Wednesday summer series. What a great church! Their preacher is Jeff Custer and he is a neat guy. I would like to get to know him better. I have a couple of more Wednesday night appointments like this in the area later. I know they will be fun too.

On the homefront we are having a sunroom added to our house. It is interesting watching it go up and we are looking forward to enjoying it. Specifically we will use it as a play room for our kids.

As for a family summer vacation, we are only taking an abbriviated one for a few days to the Big Easy to take in the aquarium and zoo. Our bigger trip will come in the snow somewhere- skiing in the winter.

I hope your summertime is going well!


7 Responses to The Summertime Blues

  1. Donna says:

    I think I have a bit of those blues as well…stuck in a bit of a rut…

  2. mattdabbs says:

    A couple of things to check out on the Ten Commandments

    Harrelson – The Ten Commandments and Human Rights
    Stamm – The Ten Commandments in Recent Research


  3. benoverby says:


    The summer in Rochester is so different from summer down south. The air is fresh and cool. The highs the rest of the week are only in the 70’s–there’s almost always a breeze blowing off Lake Ontario. There’s rarely any humidity, and the there’s still dusk at 10:00 PM. And the sun wakes up after only a brief nap at 4:30 AM. I love it! It’s great for running–my personal choice for fighting the blues.

    I’m sure the lessons on the Ten Commandments will be edifying to all who hear! May God continue to smile on you, your family, and the work He’s entrusted you with.


  4. Laymond says:

    Go fishing young man go fishing

  5. dannydodd says:

    Fishing! Laymond has discovered the cure! 🙂

    Thanks for everyone’s encouragement!

  6. C3 says:

    Since there ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues, you might as well embrace them.
    Read a few Psalms. Davie is the original blues artist.

  7. johndobbs says:

    Come see me. How hard is that?

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