Tears and Anger

Over the weekend a young couple from Birmingham, Alabama was passing through Pensacola on their way to enjoy a vacation when a drunk driver slammed into them, changing their life forever.

In the car with them was their six-month old baby- a baby they will never be able to hold and love again.

This moring one of our elders, Bud Myer, and I visited Chris and Danielle Collar at our local Sacred Heart Hospital as they prepared to be discharged to return home to their family. They are members of the Heritage Place Church of Christ in Birmingham. Please, take a few moments and pray for this couple.

Tears and anger is what I saw and experienced this morning. I am so glad Bud was with me, for I could find no words to say.   


2 Responses to Tears and Anger

  1. johndobbs says:

    A stunning story … ripped from the pages of Job … to whom we turn again and again … thinking there must be an answer somewhere. How awful.

  2. Trey Morgan says:

    My heart aches for them. It’s not always fun doing what you do is it? I appreciate you and your willingness to give ans show love in a tough time.


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