Ten Good Things About the Church of Christ

With a wink and an appreciation to my blogging brothers and sisters who enjoy lists I present this one.  I have noticed that often (me included) we CoC bloggers do a very good job at critiquing our bunch but sometimes seem to forget the many blessings in being a part of it. We certainly are far from perfect, but which church is? So, with no further ado, and in no particular order here is the list:

  1.  We enjoy a vast and very connected fellowship. Literally everywhere I travel across the world within the Churches of Christ I discover personal connections with people I have just met. It amazes me. In the C0C it takes far fewer than six degrees of seperation.
  2. We are very generous. Never have I gone wanting for funds to do good works.  Mission money has always been there. Hundreds of thousands of dollars came our way through two hurricanes. Even on a personal level, my church has always been there for me.
  3. Our singing. Yes, I know there is much debate about this. There seems to be a cottage industry out there trying to prove one thing or another, but quite often in worship settings at church or at camp or at a workshop or alone listening to a CD, the combined voices of my spiritual family has taken me to the very throne of God. I even get chill bumps thinking about it.
  4. Our dedication to Scripture. Sure, we have used Scripture in less than noble ways, to prove our points, to even fabricate doctrines, to win arguments, and to bully, but overall I am very thankful to be a part of a group that honors the Bible as God’s infallible Word. This approach is far from a given any more in church circles.
  5. Our gatherings. This is related to point number one, but I seperate it for personal reasons. Over the years some of my fondest memories have to do with attending gatherings like Christian camp or the Tulsa Workshop or Pepperdine Lectures or Winterfest or the Magnolia Bible College Benefit Dinner. These events (among others) when I attended them were always positive and encouraging. I would meet new people and renew old acquaintances. I might not always agree with everything I heard, but never did that diminish the joy and spiritual boost I received.
  6. The local churches. I have truly been blessed to preach for some warm and loving congregations. Overall I have had a blast in twenty-six years of full-time ministry. There have been some bumps and disappointments along the way, but how can I really complain. God has given me friends forever in two continents in the local churches where I preached- and he has now led me to Gateway. Thank you Lord!
  7. Elders. At least for me anyway. My shepherds over the years have not been perfect, sometimes they have let me down, and at other times I have been more than frustrated with them, but overall they have been there for me, supporting me, encouraging me, shielding me, being patient with me, empowering me, and loving me- even when it was difficult to do so.
  8. Communion. Our weekly devotion to share the Lord’s Supper is central part of who I am as a Christian. 
  9. Gathering around the baptismal waters. Talk about chill bumps and special moments.
  10. Our heritage. It thrills me to read about my spiritual ancestors who sought to establish a church based on simple New Testament Christianity. I realize they often made some big blunders; that there were some inconsistencies in their messages; that some attitudes and doctrine eventually became too hardened; and that the unity they so desired was never quite achieved. But, wow, just reading about their dedication, their sacrifice, their perseverance and their faith is amazing. I am thankful for the trails they blazed.

So there it is. This list is not a defense of the Churches of Christ- just my personal take on the blessings I have enjoyed. I am well aware of our shortcomings, but I am also trying to be more aware of our strengthes too.

Anything to add- or take away? It is okay. It is just a blog! 😉  


22 Responses to Ten Good Things About the Church of Christ

  1. Karen says:

    I love your list. We’re currently not worshiping at a Church of Christ, and I’m missing some of that stuff a lot, especially the singing.

  2. dannydodd says:

    Thanks for stopping in Karen and commenting. If you ever get down our way, stop in and worship with us and we will give you a big ole dose of singing! 🙂

  3. lesjr says:

    Good stuff Danny. Thanks for reminding me. I need it.

  4. Donna says:

    Good list…and the more I travel the more I realize just how true #1 is.

    Blog world has shrunk things even more.

  5. dannydodd says:

    You make a great point Donna. Blogging has opened up a new way to connect.

    Ain’t it grand!

  6. Dee Andrews says:

    Thanks for the great list, Danny! It’s good to read some positive things about the churches of Christ!


  7. Larry says:

    Enjoyed the list of good reasons to be in the Church of Christ.

    Another good thing about the COC is its autonomy. We don’t take kindly to outside governing influences, such as a synod, association, or any other man-made organized body, that desires to control the local church with their rules and regulations.

    I like our freedom as individual churches to worship God to the best of our ability without someone, other than God, telling us what to do.

  8. dannydodd says:

    Thanks for the comments Dee and Larry. It is good to look on the postive side occasionally.

  9. Alan Gable says:

    Good list. Sometimes we are hyper-critical of ourselves but it is always good to enjoy the vast array of positives. Thanks for this.

  10. Teresa says:

    And for all you preachers out there, I will add #11.

    #11. The Church of Christ has produced some godly preachers, who are passionate about God’s Word and passing that love on to the rest of us!


  11. dannydodd says:

    Welcome Alan. I appreciate your thoughts.

    And Teresa, you always know just what to say! Thanks much.

  12. preacherman says:

    Great post as always. Yes, I like the list you have again on your blog. It is funny that people responded over the list thing :-).
    You are right on as far as the list goes. I would like to see the list grow:
    11. Like Teresa said. 🙂 Amen sister!
    12. Black Congregations, Iglesia De Christo’s, Conservitives, Progressives, Emerging, Purpose Driven, Community, etc. fellowship one with another. Love one another as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself up for it.

    I don’t know I just pray that unity will be more common in the future. Again love the list thing. 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend.

  13. benoverby says:


    I like that we’re changing, slowly (painfully slowly), but at least we do seem to be shifting to a less sectarian body. Maybe we’re getting back to our roots. And I hope that one day we can say that we like the fact that “we” are mission oriented, growing, and changing the cities in which we live to the glory of God.


  14. preacherman says:

    I also hope to see more of the Holy Spirit working within the live of the people. The gifts. I believe that we have failed in allowing the Holy Spirit to send true revival to our churches. I can’t until that happens.

  15. dannydodd says:

    Preach, I pray for more unity too. God can bring it about- especially if as you pointed out we will allow the Spirit to revive and lead us.

    Ben, you bring out good points as well. The less sectarian the better.

  16. Trey Morgan says:

    Danny … you’re getting good at these lists. I’m impressed. I may need to get some lessons from you.

    I loved your list. There are so many “good things” that about the cofC. She has some of the best people in the world.

    Have a great weekend. Preach hard!

  17. Lee Hodges says:

    When we are critical, hopefully it is because of our love for her and not to bring her down. The Body Christ is where I found Him. Right there with all her warts and short comings, her people led me to the cross. They gave me a foundation of love for the scripture and the faith to know that in them I could know the will of my Father. So I own her alot. She is far from perfect but she changing in oh so positive ways in many areas…for that I praise the Father.

    Thanks once again Danny for you balance and love for her.

  18. P.V.Ratnam says:

    Thank you brother. I appreciate your thoughts.


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  20. Gordy says:

    Danny I love this list.

    Next time someone asks me why I attend where I do. I’ll remember this post.

  21. […] couple of years ago I posted here about the good things  in our tribe. They remain […]

  22. Daron Guynes says:

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