I Don’t Know

Intellectually I do know- at least to some degree- about human suffering and challenges. I think I have a fairly good understanding of the Old Testament book of Job. Now there was one guy who felt the full fury of suffering. We have his example and his story all divinely laid out for us to help us during our tough times.


Humans will suffer and often because of no direct fault of our own. Bad stuff will just happen. We will struggle to come to grips with it and wonder why. Maybe we will even get angry with God and questions will flow. Why? We all want to know why. But one thing that Job teaches is that we may never know why- right now it is beyond our comprehension. We just have to face the struggles- with God. He will help us endure, grow through trouble and come out the better in the end. It worked this way for Job and it will for us. This I all know intellectually. I have read it, studied it and I believe it.


Now for confession time- considering the recent brutal murder of Heather Spencer; disease- expected and unexpected affecting friends and family; finding out about more churches of my acquaintance struggling through hurtful divisions and problems, I still find myself asking why. I find myself doing my best Job- whining a little bit, crying a little and hurting a little bit more.


 I just cannot always understand emotionally the “whys” of it all.


I know I am not the first to wrestle with the problem of human suffering. The struggle to understand this weighty issue has even caused many to stumble right over and away from God. I certainly do not want that to happen to me.


So I go back to Job for help and guidance. I do find some answers there and I also find trust and faith there. To me this is the key. Truly I do not know why, but I know Him who does.


If I had my way all our problems would be eliminated, but I don’t and they won’t. Life will hit me hard again- sooner rather than later. And when that happens I do know that God will be there for me again. He will let me pour out all my emotions and ask all my questions. He will help me once more with a big dose of perspective and never once turn his back on me. He knows I am frail and weak and will be patient with me. He will direct me to my friend Job yet once again. He will once more remind me that I would not understand the why if he told me.


“Trust me, Danny. Trust me.” is what He will say.


6 Responses to I Don’t Know

  1. How true! And praise God that He is always there for us! Just today i learned that the husband of a dear friend (I thought he was my dear friend, too) packed up and left for California, leaving his wife and son a note, while she was at Ladies’ Bible class, saying that he wanted a divorce. Talk about being in a shock mode…But you are right…God is always the same and He is always there with loving arms ready to hold and comfort us. Pray for me to have the wisdom to know the right words to say and things to do to help this hurting wife and son.

  2. ben overby says:

    I know the feeling and the struggle. I did get a bit of grace from Ps. 37 last week. It affirms what you’ve said . . . trust in the Lord and He will act. You mentioned division and problems; the brutality of the brethren (and the good sisters) will never cease to amaze me. One day at a time . . . that’s the Jesus way, and it’s the only way I can keep from drowning in the thick muck.

    Remember, we are co-heirs with Him if indeed we suffer with Him.

    May grace flood you spirit and tickle your soul.


  3. Dee Andrews says:

    I am in a period of quiet and relative calm at the moment, so cannot completely agonize with you, but HAVE experienced times of great suffering and may yet again so know of what you speak, Danny. I pray that I not go through periods of deep suffering again, but if they do come I also know that I can, indeed, trust God to keep me safe until the end and that He will lift me mightily up to be with Him in eternity.

    How sad for those people of this world who have no such hope. I have seen them and felt their agony and would not wish it on anyone.

    We need to remember that no matter what, we are not truly alone. And I need to remember that as much as anyone.


  4. […] Danny is writing about perplexing suffering. […]

  5. Trey Morgan says:

    Danny … it’s always been a struggle for me when people ask me “why” when it come to God. There are so many things we don’t know and we can’t answer. I remember vividly a woman running up to me who’s baby had just been pulled from a swimming pool and she said, “Trey, tell me God won’t take my baby. Tell me God won’t take my baby.” And then she stopped and waited for me to answer. I didn’t have an answer. I was absolutely stumped.

    She had asked a question that every one of us who believe in God will dare to ask sooner or later. If God is good and God is great why do innocent people suffer. So many have given an effort to explain why God won’t or can’t protect innocent people.

    I didn’t have an answer for that mother that day. I’m not sure that I have an answer today, but I have given it a lot of thought. And today I’m reminded when bad happens that 1) God never leaves my side and 2) that God is good. Those two things never change.

    Thanks Danny for me to just “trust” God.

  6. nancy says:

    This is a very good and helpful post. 🙂
    May you ever be accepting of God’s grace for you, and may all your days be with Him.

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