Birthday Boy

Well, boy might not be the best word here, but today-October 1st- is my birthday.

Forty-nine years ago I came into this world on my father’s birthday in Greenville, MS and was not expected to live long.  But with God’s help I overcame those struggles and have been doing so ever since.

Back in the college day, a good brother who attended the tiny church where I did something loosely resembling  preaching, called up the college board chair and asked him to direct me to another life occupation. “He just ain’t got what it takes to be a preacher” were his words.

I must admit, there have been days when I thought that this brother might have had it right.  But I guess God has always had some kind of plan out there for me because my preaching adventure continues- and it is sweeter and more rewarding than ever at Gateway.

My dad adventures continue too. I would have never thunk it- that at my age- a five and a two year old would call me dad. And I would have never guessed that my other little girl would grow up to be such a radiant and independent woman seeing the country as a travel nurse. God does have a sense of humor!

He does have a great sense of grace too and I have basked in that over these years with one of his greatest grace gifts to me being my beautiful wife. I still cannot believe this old guy snagged such a young hot babe! lol

All-in-all my first forty-nine have been filled with wonderful blessings mingled in with some disappointments and failures, but through it all God has never failed me. Even without often realizing I have benefited from resting in the shelter of his wings.  

Thanks God from the birthday boy for the first 49. I am really, really going to need your strength to handle the next 49!


12 Responses to Birthday Boy

  1. Trey Morgan says:

    Happy Birthday Old Fella … 🙂

  2. Eddie Lewis says:

    Happy Birthday Danny! I do hope you have 49 more years. The greatest blessings of life are family and friends. You are greatly blessed!

    Blessings, Eddie

  3. laymond says:

    Happy birthday, I was born on this day 67 years ago.

    May God Bless

  4. Royce says:

    Laymond would probably agree with me, you are just a pup.

    God’s very best to you and your family as you head toward the half century mark. I’m glad you pursued preaching and I know you are.

    Grace to you,
    Royce Ogle

  5. Hope your day was filled with love, laughter and family to make lots of wonderful memories!

  6. johndobbs says:

    All my best, friend.

  7. Donna says:

    Hope you had a great day! I think we may have the same birth year….but you are much older than me!!

  8. nancy says:

    joy filled birthday, kiddo!


  9. benoverby says:

    Happy birthday (a day late), Danny! May God grant you a long, happy, and bright-shining life.

  10. dannydodd says:

    Hey, thanks everybody for the well wishes. I appreciate it very much.

    And laymond, I hope your day was special too!

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