What Makes for a Good Read in a Blog?

Happy New Year everyone! I do hope that 2008 will be a amazing year for you. It has started off well in Florida even though the temps are well below our norms.

The Dodd family celebrated the Christmas and New Year holidays with family, friends, football and way too much food. I got several books (which I had requested from Santa) and spent a few days after Christmas relaxing with them. Taylor and Jordan are still romping around enjoying their Santa bounty,  while Terri is ready for school to start again! lol

At Gateway, God just continues to bless us. 2007 was another year of growth and progress and I am praying that we will allow God to continue to lead us in this direction. We start the year off with “Samuel Day” this Sunday by honoring our babies.

I did not make any specific New Year’s resolutions but I do plan to pay more attention to this blog- which leads me to the question in the title:

What do you think makes a good blog?  What kind of posts do you enjoy? Any input you might want to share will be helpful- so chime in will ya!  

As always- thanks for reading.


6 Responses to What Makes for a Good Read in a Blog?

  1. I know you preacher types like to write deep spiritual thoughts on your blogs. I enjoy reading them sometimes, but I also like to read about your personal life and what’s going on…gives me a way of keeping up with friends from the past and new ones that I’ve made on blog sites!
    Hope 2008 is great to you!
    In case you haven’t heard, our step dad, Jessie Kemp, who we called Papa Mutt, died during the holidays and we had to put Mama in the nursing home in Corinth and she isn’t doing well. She won’t eat and what she does eat, she throws up, so please keep her in your prayers. That’s another thing I like about blogs…you can put prayer requests out there and lots of people can pray for you! We’ve already spent one weekend sorting through photos and such…go write pertinent info on the back of all your photos so when you die, your children won’t have to go through this guessing game we’re going through now and we still have at least on more weekend to go!

  2. Donna says:

    Happy New Year.

    I like moderatly short posts with some humor and some spiritual application.

    Of course I love it when people tell funny/embarrasing stories on themselves or their family.

    I like to know what people are thinking and what they are doing…

  3. dannydodd says:

    Tammie, I had heard about Mutt, but not about your mom. I will continue in prayer for all of you. Thanks for your input into my question.

    You and Donna have given me a nice feminine perspective and I appreciate it.

  4. Gordy! says:

    I Really like it when people “bait” their titles. The more interesting your title sounds, the more people will see it in the forums and say “Hmm, I’m curious.” That’s what I like to do anyways (WHEN I do post something)

  5. Trey says:


    * Present a relevant thought.
    * Challenge my thinking.
    * Make me laugh.
    * Keep it short.

  6. dannydodd says:

    Baiting through a title huh? We all have done it, but still effective. Thanks Gordy.

    And Trey’s list- :)- is precise and to the point- and I like it.

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