Money Matters

This actually happened to me once- when I was a young preacher preaching on stewardship- a guy after church informed me that I “had stopped preaching and gone to meddling.”

Well, if I did I am in pretty awesome company because Christ and Paul meddled too! If only we were not so touchy on this issue.

Money matters are on my mind as this New Year moves forward. Our elders at Gateway have challenged us with what I consider to be a terrific budget. I pray our church will embrace it.

On Sunday, January 27th, we will have our second annual special contribution for the Gateway Christian Scholarship Fund. This fund is set aside to assist Gateway families who want to send their college kids to a Christian college. We kicked it off a year ago and people responded generously- so much so that four of our young people have already benefited through scholarships. Again I pray for a great response to this.

And finally the money matter that is weighing the heaviest on my mind has to do with our mission in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since 2005 Gateway has overseen the work of the two Lithuanian evangelists serving there in the Vilnius Church of Christ. We have been joined in this great work by several wonderful partners who have invested not only funds, but their hearts in this ministry. Unfortunately we have lost some of these supporters and this along with the dropping dollar is causing a possible major shortfall in funds. We are praying and working and seeking additional partners so that we will not have to cut our support. Terri and I served as resident missionaries at this church for two years. It is a work close to our hearts too and I wish money was not mattering there right now.

Well I will stop meddling now, and go back to preaching!

As always- thanks for dropping by.


4 Responses to Money Matters

  1. I’d venture to say that only people who aren’t giving as they know they should would say that preaching on giving is meddling instead of preaching….I really feel for missionaries who did not have the foresight to tie their support to the local economy where they reside rather than the dollar because they are really hurting right now the dollar is so low in many places…In England a dollar is only worth about 60 cents right now…that reduces a missionary’s income by 40%…could any of us afford a salary cut like that?

    Hope your budget goes well…I’m praying our Sycamore View budget will too!

  2. preacherman says:

    I was in on the budget because we have men’s business meeting because we have no elders. uhg….. I go back to preaching now. :-). Great post brother.

  3. benoverby says:

    We can’t be very good stewards in this world if we bury our head in the sand in terms of what God has to say on the subject of money. Got to preach on it from time to time.

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