The Church of the Frigidaire

He called himself Ish. I would see him walking all around Jackson, MS in his three-piece and wearing that crazy umbrella hat. To be honest I took him to be just another nutcase among many wandering that city- that is- until I gave him a ride. I was feeling “generous” that day and thought I would offer to help him out.

Almost immediately upon him entering my truck I knew it was me who was going to be helped. To thank me for the ride he began singing a hymn accompanied by the skillful playing of spoons. As weird as that sounds it was actually very well done.

Then we started to talk.

Once he found out that I was a preacher- he began preaching. He asked me if I knew of “The Church of the Frigidaire.” “Nope” I replied. “Dr. Jack Frost” is their pastor he said. “Cold hearts, cold hands, cold shoulders and cold feet” made up their membership he claimed. As I chuckled he stared me down and warned, “Don’t go being a part of no Church of the Frigidaire now.” Then he asked me to stop and he got out. And that was that.

I have thought about Ish quite often since then. Could I have entertained an angel unaware? I have read of trumpets in heaven, but spoons? lol

I got his message. I think you get it too.

Don’t go being a part of no Church of the Frigidaire now- you hear?


16 Responses to The Church of the Frigidaire

  1. ben overby says:

    Maybe Ish wasn’t an angel but a prophet sounding a warning.

    What are the measures we look at when evaluating whether we’re cold or hot?

  2. Donna says:

    What a cool post.

  3. dannydodd says:

    Great question Ben, but I am afraid our measures usually come up short.

    “Hot” is usually just coming to church on some regular basis. And I don’t think just that will get it.

  4. J D says:

    Great story Dan!

  5. Adam G. says:

    Ha! That was nice!

  6. Makes you think, doesn’t it!?!

  7. dannydodd says:

    Tammie, the whole Ish encounter has made me think a lot over the years.

  8. TCS says:

    Was this technically in Rankin county? Just wondering 🙂

  9. Ilia says:

    Thank you for this story. just great!

  10. blueraindrop says:

    though interesting he would warn someone who had just reached out to help him… showing a warm hand you’d think.

  11. dannydodd says:

    Yes, Tommy, I did pick him up in Rankin county. lol

  12. Thanks for a good story.

    Bobby Valentine

  13. Dee Andrews says:

    What hymn was he singing (and playing), Danny? Do you remember?

    Just wondering.

    Much love,


  14. dannydodd says:

    Dee, It was I’ll Fly Away.

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