Searching anyone?


No, this post is not about what you may think. It is not some theological discourse on the ramifications of those seekers searching out the Higher Power.

Sorry. This is just a frivolous post about how folks arrive at this sight. I find this interesting and thought you may too.

If you are not aware of how Wordpress works here is a very brief tutorial. WordPress tracks all who visit their sights and logs that info on the host’s sight. I have a “blog stats” page which records who gets here and from where. Some visit my blog from their own blogs or from the ever-growing-in-popularity “google reader” (google is taking over the world- in case you did not know. lol) or from somewhere else on the web that may be linked to this site. Others arrive here via web search engines and their searches which land them here are always interesting.

For instance, somewhere along the way I wrote about “finger pointing” or “pointing fingers” and every day a search of these terms leads people here. Not long after I began this blog I shared my ER adventure in which I discovered that one of my pupils is larger than the other. Apparently a bunch of other people have discovered this about themselves too. I have written about football a few times and used a football graphic. Turns out that numerous others are searching for this same graphic. In one brief post I told about my visit to a Pompeii exhibit. I had no idea how the masses are interested in Vesuvius. Twice on this blog I chronicled my visit to the Pepperdine University Lectures. I don’t think you will be surprised at the large number of folks searching out Malibu, California.  Then on some post I guess I mentioned something about a pregnant teen. Way too much traffic on this one.

Folks do regularly search for “Church of Christ” and”Church of Christ preacher.”  Weekly people drop in because of searches for the “Sermon on the Mount” or “kingdom thinking” or “Sunday School” and there is always the occasional specific name search of someone I have mentioned along the way.

And even every now and then a search for “Danny Dodd” will show up. I always wonder though exactly who they were searching for. I do share the name with a former WWE wrestler. Surprise! No body slamming going on at this blog! lol

Anyway, now you know. Thought I would share that with you on a slow Sunday afternoon.

Just know this- that no matter how you arrived here- I am very glad you did! And please, come back soon.


4 Responses to Searching anyone?

  1. preacherman says:

    Interesting post brother.
    I will be back! 🙂
    Have a great day.

  2. It’s fun to find people through other people’s bogs and catch up on old friends! It’s especially neat to get to read about missionary friends in other places in the world!

  3. I am glad I stumbled on you too 🙂

    Bobby Valentine

  4. Adam G. says:

    That is interesting. I love blogspot, but so far as I know they don’t offer this sort of service yet. I had a wordpress blog for a while, but really disliked the platform.

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