High Fives from Mickey

We are back from the Mouse House- and we had a great time- thanks for the well wishes.  We stayed at a wonderful resort called Bonnett Creek on the Disney property and had our fill of all things Disney.

Here are my personal favorite five:

  • The history display and movie about Walt Disney- he was a genius
  • The Safari- really well done- I could have literally touched a giraffe and rhino
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean- Now with Captian Jack Sparrow- yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life’s for me!
  • The Great Movie Ride- I am a sucker for nostolgia    
  • The bug 4-D movie- I like the way it comes at you

My five personal least favs:

  • Food costs- way too high for what you get
  • Crowds- we went two years ago in February and never saw a line- not this year
  • The Tea Cup ride- I avoid it at all costs- vomit inducing!
  • The Haunted Mansion- not scary- my five year old yawned
  • The cheerleaders- they were everywhere- we could not see the Indiana Jones show because they had taken over the venue for their cheering competition! Gimme a break!


I have been tagged by Adam in a page 123 meme- which means I am to grab a random book and turn to page 123 and record sentences six, seven and eight on that page on this blog. So here goes. It is from a new commentary on Romans from the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scriptures set:     

What does it mean to have peace? Some say that it means that we should not fall out with one another because of disagreements over the law. But it seems to me that he is speaking much more about our current behavior… Paul means here that we should stop sinning and not go back to the way we used to live, for that is to make war with God.

Good stuff. Now I have to tag five others to do the same:

Tag! You guys are it.



2 Responses to High Fives from Mickey

  1. Donna says:

    I need to go back to Disney!!

  2. mkjergaard says:

    From “Comeback Churches”
    Because most members have already connected with other members, the relationships are saturated to the point that there aren’t anymore “blocks” to connect with new people. So visitors to the church are made to feel like they cannot connect until someone in the existing relationship either dies or leaves the church. The blocks are filled.

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