“That’s What I Love About Sundays”


A couple of years ago, country music singer Craig Morgan recorded the song which is the title of this post. Here are some of his lyrics:

Ooh, new believers gettin’ baptized,
Momma’s hands raised up high,
Havin’ a Hallelujah good time
A smile on everybody’s face.
That’s what I love about Sunday.

Recently I heard it again on the radio. It is a very cool song and if you have never heard it I encourage you to give it a listen. Hearing it again caused me to think of what I love about Sundays.

I love seeing my two little girls in their Sunday-best dresses. What a gift they are from God to me and Terri. If you are a parent, you know that sometimes Sunday mornings are not easy with little kids, but-wow- when they are in their Sunday dresses they look like little angels- even if they do not always act that way! 🙂

I love Bible class. It seems I am in the minority based upon attendance, but what a great time to study and fellowship. The donuts don’t hurt either.

I love the beginning of worship when we stand and sing a medley of songs. There is just a buzz in the air- anticipating the blessings that flow through song. God is working in his people at this time.

I love sitting by my wife. Terri is another wonderful gift God has given me. I love the way she snuggles up to me and sits close. I love holding hands with her as we pray.

I love communion. What would worship be without it? It is all about Jesus.

I love to preach! It is who I am and what I do and I try to put as much into the prep work and delivery as I can so that others can love this time too! I hope they do.  

I love “family time”. This is what we call the point in worship where God’s invitation is extended. We call it this because we encourage God’s family here to share their needs then- to request prayers and share hearts. Very frequently our hearts our touched by words shared during this special time.

I love lazy Sunday afternoons. The song references this too. I do not get them often, but when I do it is wonderful. I knew one brother who reserved every Sunday afternoon for nap time. I see nothing wrong with that.

I love Share Groups. Here we meet in homes in small groups on Sunday nights. I love the interaction this setting encourages and I love the way it encourages hospitality.

I love the quiet of bedtime. This gives me the chance not just to pray, but to reflect on all the blessings of Sunday. And I praise God for giving us the gift of this day to honor and worship him.

That is what I love about Sunday. How about you? What do you love?


15 Responses to “That’s What I Love About Sundays”

  1. Mark Stark says:

    Great article Danny…as always! I’d have to agree with nearly everyone of these. I’d have to say you do your job EXTREMELY well too. You love and compassion for God, Jesus Christ and His people show in your lessons.

    BTW – I don’t see those donuts Sunday morning, my teaching must not be that good. I’ll have to visit your class more often.

    Another part I love that you touch on is the Hospitality Meals. I too love food and it is an awesome time to get to know visitors and encourage our new members to come and get to know others as well. It does kind of hinder early afternoon naps though.

    God bless and keep up the great work!!

  2. odgie says:

    Beating the Baptists to Red Robin or Logan’s Steakhouse (I kid!)

    I just love seeing my brothers and sisters and taking communion with them.

  3. Karen says:

    LOVE that song; have it on my iPod. For me, Sundays are all about family (mine and my church family). Sadly, haven’t developed that “family” yet out here on the left coast. It’s a much more individualistic kind of place than the midwest and south.

  4. c3andp says:

    I love seeing kids who are thrilled to be at church. One youngster came into our church a couple of weeks ago ginning from ear to ear. I asked, “What are you so happy about?” He replied, “I guess I’m just happy to be here.”

    I love seeing people hang around and enjoying one another’s company. The final “Amen” turns out to be not so final after all.

    I love to hear someone lead prayer and mention something that I know is near and dear to their heart. Sometimes it is a line that seems very basic, but is not. Not long a go a family had lost a child to death. A man lead the prayer and prayed for “Those who have lost loved ones.” I knew that the man leading the prayer had once lost a child, too, and that he was doing more than quoting the standard prayer line.


  5. That Girl says:

    I’ve always liked that song.

    There was a time when I looked forward to being at the church building on Sunday mornings and again on Sunday night. I loved seeing my ‘family’ and discussing what was going on in our lives. Sunday afternoons were a great time to play outside or sit in the hammock and read all afternoon.

    Now, I have a bad attitude. I don’t care for our preacher or his style of teaching. (my attitude) I don’t like the way we’ve grown to be so proud of our multi-million dollar building (my attitude) I still like the one Sunday night a month when our little groups get together.

    I miss being there every time the doors were open. I wish I wanted to be there.

    I’m working on it but because I’m not there doesn’t mean I’m not spiritual or close to God. I just don’t see things the way I once did. It’s not ok with me to put on a show anymore.

  6. dannydodd says:

    Mark is in the house! Mark is our involvement minister at Gateway. Thanks for the props Mark. In our class the teacher brings the donuts! 😉

    Odgie laughs about beating the other churches to eat after worship, but probably for some that is REALLY something they love about Sundays! lol

    Karen, glad you checked in from the left coast. I hope you eventually can develop that family there.

    Welcome C3. Great comments. C3 is a long-time, wonderful preacher for a church in KY and a long-time good friend. I especially like the point you make in your last paragraph.

    And Teri, you do highlight some things not to love on Sunday. Putting on a show is one of them. I think Jesus had some things to say about that. I pray that your wishes and wants will match up again soon.

  7. Eddie Lewis says:

    Hey Danny,
    Thanks for the list. I enjoy all those things too. One thing I would add, since we meet on Sunday night at the building, is eating as a group after services. It is lots of fun to visit and relax together after all the meetings Sunday afternoon.
    Blessings, Eddie

  8. dannydodd says:

    Speaking of old friends- good to hear from you Eddie. We Church of Christ folks love us some Sunday eatin meetings!

  9. kenny says:

    i say ditto to karen, and i feel what ‘that girl’ is feeling. i long for the desire to be there on sunday like i used to have. as ‘that girl’ said it is partly my attitude, and if you would please pray for me in that, i would greatly appreciate it.

    i love being with my family and my “family”!

    i love praising my Creator and my Father in song … all types of songs.

    i LOVE taking and leading communion! i find it the main reason for why we are there.

    as for what i don’t care for, the bickering about songs.

    the bickering about “my needs” (said by others) are not being met.

    personally … my wife is the secretary, and others in the congregation feel that sunday morning or wednesday night is the “best” time to ask to do something … eventhough she is there 5 other days of the week, and would love to help them with there needs. she doesn’t get to go to worship anymore, and i don’t get to worship with her very often. she is either working on something for someone, or i’m in the a/v booth, and she is in the sanctuary by herself.

    i love sitting with my wife and daughter in worship and having them sitting next to me.

    sorry …

  10. Ilia A says:

    I love the presence of the Lord on Sunday worship when the church sings and pray. I love communion when I partake it with reverence and prayer holding my wife’s hand. I love preaching and see the reflection of God’s touch on somebody’s heart. I love to see brothers and sisters fellowshipping.

  11. dannydodd says:

    Kenny, a friend of mine maintains that the church secretary is the most powerful person in the church- so naturally folks seek her out. 🙂

    Thge presence of the Lord among us is one major thing Sundays are all about- thanks Ilia.

  12. Jim says:

    I appreciate Sunday after the years that I didn’t attend….it seemed that life had no defining points until I came back to church, Then the week had a rightful start.

  13. I love the singing praises to the Lord and having the freedom to clap (which I usually don’t because I can’t clap in time) or raise my hands to the Lord if I feel like it.
    I love being able to sit by Tim when he isn’t singing on the Praise Team and holding his hand – still after 33 years of marriage.
    I love the hugs from my church family.
    I love the time we take at the beginning of the service to meet and greet especially people we don’t know.
    I love the time of celebration of the Lord’s death and rising again during communion. I especially love the time when our children are allowed to come down and give at the front of the auditorium on their way to Children’s Bible Hour or Family Factory and seeing the smiles on their faces and joy they have in giving (we should all have that joy!),
    I love hearing God’s word preached right now by our interim preacher, Jim Woodruff. He was wonderful when we were in college at Harding and he is wonderful still.
    I love the fellowship that we often have of going out to eat with friends after services. And I love our Sunday night home groups when we can fellowship in a smaller group and bear our souls and pray and cry together. I also love the occasional Sunday night when for some reason homegroup doesn’t met and we can chose to chill out at home or visit another homegroup.
    God is good!

  14. Teresa Jurczak says:

    I love that song too, Danny. I love all the things you mentioned plus the song brings back memories of the past. Growing up Mother always cooked extra food on Sundays and it was not unusual to have visitors at our table. It was a special time with family and friends. I’m glad we have the visitor’s lunches but there is nothing like opening up your home and sharing. I also love to watch Football on Sundays. That also brings back memories of spending time with my Daddy watching TV together. He always had his Bible on his lap and we would discuss sermons and verses between commercials or big plays.

  15. dannydodd says:

    Tammie, kids on their way to Bible Hour (Bold Bible Kids at Gateway) is also one of my favorite things about Sunday. I especially like it- when occasionally- they stop and sing for us. That is always awesome.

    What a great picture your paint Teresa about your growing-up Sundays. You are right- nothing beats gathering around the table at home to an old fashioned Sunday meal.

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