Cats vs. Dogs


We have had a stray cat hanging around our back yard for a week or so now- much to our daughters delight. Taylor has tried to feed it. Jordan has tried to torment it. But so far it has kept its distance- thankfully.

But its arrival has reopened a long discussed topic in the Dodd household- pets. So far I have been able to hold off the female tidal wave in favor of getting one. I am not a dog-in-the-house person. Never have been. Dogs just belong outside.

Since my family knows this they have on occasion lobbied for a cat. I dunno so much about that either. I do love animals. I am not a dog or a cat hater, but having one in the home is a major responsibility- and no matter what the girls say- taking care of a pet will fall on mom and dad. But I know one day my resolve will probably be worn down-one day when the girls are older. But what then? Which is the best pet- a cat or a dog?

Do you like Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars? I discovered a website dedicated to all things Chuck. They even posted on their site an old blogpost of mine on “egg bottoms.” 

One more thing- I solicit your prayers. I have finally committed after all these years to finish my master’s degree. I am now enrolled in the Masters of Ministry program at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. For years I made stabs at this, but ministry itself just seemed to keep getting in the way. This time, God willing, I am in to the finish. The program seems tailor-made for me with much of it online. Just another new adventure for this old preacher!

God bless you all this weekend!


14 Responses to Cats vs. Dogs

  1. That Girl says:

    No animals in the house.

    I love the outside pets!

  2. Teresa Jurczak says:

    Well Danny,
    I never thought I wanted a dog in the house either. I wasn’t raised that way. Ed had a cat when we got married and she was company when he was out to sea but I HATED the litter box. About 7 years ago, someone dumped a little ball of fluff puppy in the parking lot where I teach. I couldn’t resist so I brought him home. Jonathan was going through a rough time and Bandit (our dog) seemed to be of help. Now Jennifer has a cat ,which I tolerate, but I can’t imagine life without my dog and I can’t imagine life without any dog. I love it when he greets me at the door and I love taking him on walks. I would like to recommend a book called Because of Winn Dixie. It is also a movie . It is about a single dad who is a preacher, his daughter, and a stray dog. The book has lots of little lessons and you will see how a dog can bring people into your life. I also think like your stray cat sometimes animals,like people,are put in our lives when least expected or wanted but can bring great happiness with them.

  3. Adam G. says:

    We have a cat. The only negative is the litter box, but as long as you change the litter frequently you should be fine. I STRONGLY recommend a short-hair cat for indoors.

    I detest dogs in the house. My wife and kids keep insisting they want one later, when we have a larger house. I’m okay with that as long as the dog lives in the back yard or sleeps in an enclosed porch, but they want a stinkin’ house dog.

    Sorry, can’t do it.

    All the best with your Master degree study. I have my BMin from Harding, and SOMEDAY would like to go back to seminary. Here where I live I could enroll in either Alliance Theological Seminary or Princeton Theological Seminary, but I don’t like thinking about the debt that would create either way.

  4. “To be in the house or to not be in the house”
    That is the question?
    Best of luck on this one.

  5. dannydodd says:

    Thanks for the input everyone.

    So far, Teri sees things as I do.

    Teresa used to, but was converted! 🙂

    Adam is currently fighting the good fight. I will have to call upon your experience one day! lol

    And Suzanne- welcome- hits right at the heart of the issue- in or out?

    BTW, my family and I ate dinner with some friends last night at thier house. Sure enough that have both a dog AND cat in thier home. They kept the cat away but Taylor clung to their dog. Terri just made dopey eyes and commented on how sweet that was- hinting to me the whole time. 😉

  6. Danny says:

    Hey Danny,
    As another guy who finished his graduate degree “out of season” (finished course work in ’87; finished paper in ’92) I was sure glad when I got the degree. It was worth every bit.
    Good luck!

  7. J D says:

    I’m allergic to cats, so NO CATS!!!

    Dogs are wonderful…but in my case Mrs. Maggy will have none of it.

    Hope your coursework goes well … I’m sure it will bless you.

    Great thing on the eggbottoms…it’s fun to be quoted!

  8. dannydodd says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Danny and JD- on the grad program. I will need it!

  9. That Girl says:

    I received an email from our infection control nurse at the hospital that I think you might be interested in. Email me so I can forward it to you. 🙂

  10. Bridget says:

    No cats. They shed all the time and you’ll never be rid of cat hair on your kitchen counter tops! I’ve been dealing with this issue for the first time this week, cause I moved in with a roommate that had a cat. I’m a dog person, so I thought I’d be cool with a cat. But a cat gets things way too messy with it always jumping on counter tops and licking everything. At least dogs stay on the floor.

  11. dannydodd says:

    Welcome to the blog Bridget!

    Thanks for stopping by and putting in your vote for the dogs.

    BTW, we now have two cats hanging out at our house.

  12. Taylor says:

    I sat cats. I love dogs. Dogs keep you company and active. Cats are great companions for cuddling and good for the elderly who can’t go on walks. But cats keep themselves clean and they go poop and pee in one place. Dogs poop and pee everywhere and they smell. But I recommend both.

  13. I love cats and I love dogs. Dogs keep you company and active. Cats are great companions for cuddling and good for the elderly who can’t go on walks. But cats keep themselves clean and they go poop and pee in one place. Dogs poop and pee everywhere and they smell. But I recommend both.

  14. “Dogs just belong outside”?

    You were raised around gigantic dogs, weren’t you. That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard unless you have a hunting dog that’s kept purely for sport – and even then I simply don’t believe it. Don’t get any pets. They wouldn’t be kept well in your unloving hands, you simply don’t understand a dog isn’t “an animal”. It’s another member of the family.

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