The Pepperdine Bible Lectures

It was another top notch lectureship on the amazing campus of Pepperdine University! The classes and keynotes (in particular Don McLaughlin and Jerry Taylor- they are awesomely gifted) I attended were relevant, challenging and informative. The worship each night led by Ken Young and Hallal was simply powerful- at times moving me to tears and at other times lifting me up in joy-filled praise. Hats off once again to Jerry Rushford and his crew for hosting this breath-of-fresh-Pacific-ocean-air and Spirit-filled event!

For Terri and me the experience was somewhat bittersweet. After doing a such a marvelous job in our class- despite her doubts and anxiety- Terri received a phone call on Wednesday night from her dad informing her that her grandmother was not expected to survive the night. So we spent Wednesday night making arrangements for Terri to fly to Arkansas on Thursday. She was glad we did since she then spent some quality time with her grandmother.  Her grandmother has rallied a bit but remains in very critical condition and is not expected to leave the hospital. Please pray for her- Emil Dale.

At the lectures I ran into some old friends and acquaintances whom I had not seen in years. My old Magnolia Bible College pal, Rick Jannelle was there. Rick is now preaching in Shillington, Pennsylvania and loves it. I saw fellow Pine Grove Church of Christ alumnus, Glenn Newton who was a presenter and who currently preaches at Lakeview in Tacoma, Washington. Terri and I were delighted to see Christina Guy. Christina was a college student and one of our translators in Vilnius, Lithuania. God providentially arranged her move to England where she met and married missionary Nathan Guy. Nathan is now a Bible professor at Harding University and was a presenter. And it is always a joy to visit with Tom Perkins. Tom is on staff at the University church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He was there with the praise team he leads. He is a gifted worship leader.

I ran into fellow bloggers Steve Pucket and Bobby Valentine (who- as usual- taught a great series of classes. The guy is a genius!). I had the chance to visit with Lipscomb professor David Fleer about their upcoming Sermon Seminar in October. I visited briefly a couple of times with Terry Rush, who besides being a dynamic preacher has a tremendous ability to remember names. Terri and I chatted with Sara Barton who is from the same hometown as Terri (Melbourne, Arkansas) and who serves as a campus minister at Rochester College. It was nice to see Doug Edwards again. Doug is excited about his new work with Camp Manatawny . It was likewise good to see Daniel Jolliff who is now preaching for the Simi Church of Christ in Simi Valley. CA. And it was such a blessing to see old friends, Ronney and Slyvia Wheeler again. I enjoyed lunching with them and meeting a group from the congregation they now serve at the foot of the Superstition Mountians in Phoenix, AZ.

Of course part of the joy of the entire trip was spending time with fellow Gateway folks, Mark Stark, who is our involvement minster and Bud Myer who is one of our shepherds (and the president of Global Christian University). The without-a-doubt highlight of the entire journey was on Thursday night as Mark and I witnessed Bud baptize his Vietnamese foster son in the Pepperdine swimming pool.

I did miss somehow meeting Bobby Ross from the Christian Chronicle. I did attend their luncheon and chatted with Lynn McMillon, but missed Bobby. I also missed connecting with fellow refugee from the Missisippi Delta and blogger Tammie Hacker.

One other highlight for me, but of a different sort- was sitting in the sun on a gorgeous day with the Pacific ocean in the backgroung and catching a few innings of Pepperdine baseball. Their 13th ranked team put on a baseball clinic against the team from San Diego in the early innings I enjoyed.

I will say it once again- if you get the opportunity to attend this event in the future- take it! In my opinion it is one of the most uplifting and encouraging events among the Churches of Christ. The president of the university, Dr. Andy Benton, shared the university’s commitment to our brotherhood and in his words celebrated our heritage. Not only was this great to hear, it was great to experience.


12 Responses to The Pepperdine Bible Lectures

  1. rossblog says:

    Hi Danny,

    Tamie and I flew in Wednesday and got our rental car by shortly after 11 a.m. Our hope was to make it to Pepperdine for the Chronicle luncheon, but somehow, we took a wrong turn (or didn’t take a turn) on the highway from the airport and got lost. So, we missed the luncheon. I did make it to campus in time for your class but went to the one on growing churches outside the Bible Belt, since that’s an issue I plan to write about soon. I assumed we’d run into each other at some point, but I should have chased you down at your class! Anyway, we’ll connect next time — even if i have to search for you at the baseball field. 🙂


  2. That Girl says:

    I must say that I missed being there. Last year was my first year and Donna and I just had a great time and learned a lot. We still talk about it!

    Maybe next year!

  3. alsturgeon says:

    Okay, talked me into it. Count me in for the next THREE years!!! 🙂

  4. You are right – it was a great spiritual experience. The Sycamore View Praise Team (of which Tim is a part, but not me) had Lynn Anderson speaking for them each time about the Psalms and it was powerful. I spend the Jerry Taylor time in the lobby with my “second daughter’s – she grew up next door to us and is now a missionary in Togo – little baby” who was very tired by the end of the day. It was good practice for when my first grand child arrives in a few weeks. And we went to most of the 9:00 in the evening sessions with Curt Sparks (he used to preach at Sycamore View) and Sycamore View even had one 9:00 p.m. session.

    We will be praying for Terri’s grandmother. Tim also got a call on Thursday that his aunt wasn’t doing well and then one on Saturday that she had died and they want him to do the service. It will be Wednesday in Muskogee, OK. Please pray for safety in travels and comfort for his family. She was his dad’s only sister and his dad has cancer so it’s a pretty tough situation for our family considering what all has happened in the last few months on my side of the family. It’s a good thing we have the Pepperdine High to come off of! Praise God!

  5. bobbyvalentine says:

    It was great to c-you and Terri … she did great! I have reflected on your presentation since. I am still waiting for the whale to vomit me on the ground, 😉

    Delighted to see you and I wish we could have had coffee or dinner together. Thanks for the great compliment.

    Seeking Shalom,
    Bobby V

  6. mattdabbs says:

    You know Tammie? What a great lady.

  7. Donna says:

    Well, as jealous as I am, it is neat to look at the pictures and recognize things….although pictures never do justice to the beauty or the amount of hills and steps in that place. I would love to go back and attend your and Terri’s class.

    Glad it was a blessing to you both.

  8. mkjergaard says:

    That place looks beautiful. Glad you had a god time. I would love to go sometime.
    I didn’t know Fleer had moved to Lipscomb

  9. dannydodd says:

    Yea, Bobby, you probably could have caught me at the game. I just could not resist taking this in a little!

    Lol Al. It will be interesting to follow your law-school adventures out there. Uganda bound perhaps?

    I too wish we could have enjoyed the pie together Bobby V. After we got word about Terri’s grandmother, we lost Wednesday night and almost all of Thursday finding her a ticket and getting her back to the airport and on her way. After that I never ran into you again.

    Terri and Donna- come back next year, please! 🙂

    Tammie, when you were in the lobby area, we were probably literally a few feet apart as I was sitting near the back of the field house. Mercy.

    And yes, Matt, I have been knowing Tammie for years. We are from the same neck of the Delta soil.

    Mike, Fleer is new there. Hey, why don’t you meet us at the sermon seminar there in October? Your HK pals will be there, you know!

  10. Dee Andrews says:

    Danny –

    Will be praying for Terri’s grandmother. I’m glad the rest of your Pepperdine trip went well and that y’all got to teach your class together before she left.

    Cheers & Blessings to you all today!


  11. dannydodd says:

    Thanks Dee, Terri’s grandmother is not any better. The docs have said that thay can do no more for her.

  12. It was a great time. Wouldn’t it be nice if this was the atmosphere all year! It is the highlight of our year.

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