Adventures in Parenting (and other news)

Jordan is our youngest daughter. She is two years old and full of life and mischief. Recently she came crying to mom, complaining about her nose hurting. Terri quickly discovered the reason. Seems Jordy had put a coca puff in her nostril! lol It pained her even more to get it out. But what did Terri catch her doing shortly thereafter? Yep, she was going for the other nostril. Like so many of us, she kept doing the thing that hurt her.

This week I was having lunch with one of our elders when I get a call from Terri. She was so excited that I could not understand her at first. Why? Jordy had pooped in her potty! The elder joined in our moment of pride. 😉

Just thought I would share these Jordan stories!

Busy times for the Dodds these days. Terri made a return trip to see her grandmother in the hospital in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Not much change. They are just keeping her as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

My first class in the MMin on-line program from Harding University has begun and is consuming quite a bit of what used to be my free-time, but I am enjoying it. The class is a orientation short-course, but is requiring some reading, assignments and daily on-line discussion . The bigger stuff kicks in soon.

Our oldest daughter, Taylor, is winding down her kindergarten and ballet year.  Next week she is featured in her school play on two nights and has her ballet recital on another.

My mom, Eleanor Jennings, is visiting with us which is always very enjoyable. She is from Greenville, Mississippi and at age 79 she does not make the trip very often. My sister brought her and we are all grateful.

At Gateway, God continues to bless our  kingdom efforts. Of course, we are getting ready for a full summer of camps, VBS, retreats and mission trips. Before then, our preschool graduates their 37th class this Sunday. Dr Carolyn Barnes who has wonderfully directed and led our preschool to great heights is retiring. I have the privilege of speaking at the graduation exercises. It is an honor.

We have also had visiting with us over the last few days- Vladimir Rancev. Vlad the Glad- as I call him- is from Vilnius, Lithuania and is passing through on vacation. He is a member of the Vilnius church and was one of our translators when we lived there.

Next weekend during the Memorial weekend holiday, we plan to head north a bit and enjoy the solitude and fishing of the Alabama outback. Some friends offered their not-so little cabin in the woods to us. We are very grateful. The break is needed and greatly anticipated.

Thanks for dropping by the blog. One day soon I will go back to doing a little “theologizing”! 🙂



9 Responses to Adventures in Parenting (and other news)

  1. mkjergaard says:

    Go Jordan! The day the youngest one graduates from diapers is a day to celebrate!

  2. My friend, you are engaged in a wonderful, beautiful theatrical performance called “Life.”

    “… there is only one act. It is a comedy. It is a tragedy. It is an adventure. The grand Author has ordained his characters to move briskly on and off the stage, to speak their lines and make an exit. Your role, little bit, was played most magnificently.”

    from Sarah Conrad of Eagle Creek , chapter four: “The Flower Box.”

  3. If you ever have to come to Memphis for you class, you’ve always got a bed at our house!
    Congtulations to Jordan for using the potty! That’s a big step!

  4. Adam G. says:

    Thanks for the general update.

  5. Danny Holman says:

    Tell Mrs. Eleanor to enjoy her visit, and we’ll look forward to seeing her when she gets back home. I love the line from the great philosopher, Lilly Tomlin, “Even Mother Teresa had to be potty trained.” Potty training , school programs, and family vactions are some of the “good stuff” of real life. Teen years too! Enjoy them all. I think Heaven will surprise us with what the “important moments” were in our life.

  6. Thanks for all the encouraging words and work Danny.

    Bobby V

  7. dannydodd says:

    Mike, no doubt we are celebrationg being diaperless!

    Nice quote, Jason.

    Thanks for the offer, Tammie, but my classes originate out of the Searcy campus. It is a relatively new Master of Ministry program out of HU. But I wil remember the offer!

    Thanks for checking in Adam.

    Danny, we really enjoyed mom being here. Actually it was providential. Terri’s grandmother did pass away and Terri had to turn right around to go back to Arkansas- again with Jordan in tow. I remained here to officiate at friend of our family’s funeral in Mobile, Al and to make sure that Taylor makes her important appointments this week. Both Terri and I wish we could have done it some other way, but mom being here helped in Terri’s absence. She always speaks highly of you, Danny.

    I appreciate you too, Bobby! You are a blessing to our brotherhood and beyond.

  8. Lloyd Taylor says:

    I can’t wait for the day to come when I can accost my elders with stories of children pooping in the potty. : )

  9. Teresa says:

    This week my “baby” graduated from high school, and next week my oldest gets married. It seems like only yesterday that I was doing the “potty” dance. Enjoy those years. They go so fast!

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