Tis the Hurricane Season

Living in the Florida Panhandle for almost five years now, I like everyone else here keep my eyes focused on the Gulf during the months of June through November. This is the hurricane season and so far in 2008 the tropics are a-poppin.

I was here in 2004 when Ivan (above photo) hit us and in 2005 when Katrina just missed us and caused the catastrophic damage in Mississippi and Louisiana. Now that Gustav is bearing down upon our region, we are once again mobilizing Gateway’s disaster response and relief ministry.

In shuffling through my old Ivan and Katrina files a mixed bag of emotion hit me.

First I was struck once again by the amazing generosity of so many after these storms. For just one church- we distributed an incredible amount of money and supplies to people and other churches in the aftermath of these hurricanes. The majority of this came from individuals and congregations across the nation. Rereading some of these tender letters of prayer and support (which had originally included checks) almost brought me to tears.

Second, what did bring tears were the reminders- photos, reports from churches hit by Katrina,  memories of going to the Mississippi Gulf Coast a couple of days after Katrina, and recalling our own digging out process after Ivan- of just how powerful, deadly and devastating these storms can be.

I think we Gulf Coast residents develop some type of defense denial mechanism when it comes to hurricanes. We do not want to think about them, try to deny them away from us and bury the bad memories.

All it takes is another big one headed our way to shatter that deceptive thin line of defense though.

Gustav is doing that right now.

Pray for us please.


12 Responses to Tis the Hurricane Season

  1. Karen says:

    I knew there was a reason I didn’t miss living at Eglin AFB…. We were there for both Erin and Opal. Of course, the really big ones came after we moved. Sure hope Gustav wears himself out before he does too much damage.

    Hang in there Danny.

  2. That Girl says:

    I’ve been talking to God about Gustav. I’ve asked him to just dissipate it entirely. I haven’t heard back from him, yet.

  3. Rodney Livingston says:

    God is so good. even through hurricanes. God will provide but thanks for the stark reminder and i will be praying for all that way. I went to the MS coast and it was an eye opener. I will be praying that does not happen again but God conquer some good from all that disaster. HE is in great control! Have a great labor day weekend.R

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you all down there!

  5. D. Meadows says:


    I’ll continue to pray for ya’ll as I do every day and sincerely pray that Gustav will weaken and not cause too much damage. Maybe it will fizzle out like Fay did.
    By the way, you will be a great-uncle again in April via Kim and Dean.


  6. Larry and Carole Sheehy says:

    Danny, along with many others, we in Statesboro are praying for you, Bud and Eva and the rest of the Christians at Gateway and all along the gulf area. The work you are planning to help others will bring praises to God.

    Keep trusting in the Lord.


  7. Dee Andrews says:

    Danny –

    We are tracking Gustav and making all of the preparations we can ahead of time here in Picayune. Please pray for Tom and me here as we watch and wait for what will happen next.

    Because of all of my medical problems, including having been an insulin dependent diabetic for more than 38 years, we are closely watching the hurricane in case I need to evacuate Sunday to a friend’s house in Jackson. Please pray that this will not be so.

    I had to leave before Katrina and go out to west Texas to my mom’s for 2 1/2 weeks (we lived in Slidell then) and it was really, really hard.

    May God bless us all.

    Cheers & Blessings to you all this evening.


  8. dannydodd says:

    Thanks for the prayers everyone.

    Looks like the folks in LA and TX could use them now.

    Dee and us other hurricane veterans know that feeling in the gut while watching one bear down.

    Hanna is next- and from the looks of it- more after her.

    It seems as if it is going to be a long couple of months.

  9. Preacherman says:

    You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers especially during.
    If you, your friends, family, church need anything that we can assist with please don’t hesitate to let us know.
    God be with you brother!

  10. jim miller says:

    but we will serve one another better the next few months than we ever do when things are “good”

  11. Royce says:

    A great post, thanks.


  12. The Gulf Coast is in my prayers.

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