What does “Old” Mean Anymore?

“Old” is in the news these days. One presidential candidate is considered too old by some. The other is not considered old enough.

Sixty, they say, is the new forty.

I have been playing the “old” card for years now. Every time I get on the basketball court with younger guys I complain about how slow I am with all my aches and pains. Then I school them! 😉

Hey, just check out the overall title of my blog!

Well, in one month I will reach the half-a-century mark. Wow! A fifty year-old dad with two little girls ages six and three. So what does “old” mean anymore?

Well, I happen to think “old” is cool.

Just consider how God has used “old” to get his will done. Abraham was one cool old dude.

The church needs “old”. Read Titus chapter two. The “older” among us have a specific call to model integrity and teach and equip the “younger.” “Old” is vital to the health of the church.

I have known some older folks in church who decided that they have “paid their dues” and just stopped being involved. What a shame. I have known of some younger folks who have not appreciated and dismissed the older. Again, what a shame.

Please read Titus 2. There is a spiritual synergy represented there between the older and the younger. If that circle is interrupted for any reason we could have another “after-Joshua situation” (read Judges 2:10-11 to see what I am talking about).

So please don’t denigrate or under-estimate “old”. God never has. “Old” has it going on!


13 Responses to What does “Old” Mean Anymore?

  1. lesjr says:

    i guess when you get “old” you have to have something to feel good about…

    Seriously, those are good thoughts…

    I am going to Nashville with a old dude…

  2. Rodney Livingston says:

    Old you are but you are right we need old in the church. I dealt with this problem in the last church where old did not want to work and young did not respect old because of that fact. Both are needed and should work together for the good of the Lord. I guess you are glad Gustav went some to the west. I sure hope all will be okay this weekend and next week with the other storms. Tell the family hello.

  3. Donna says:

    Amen….from your sister who was born much later in 1958 than you…..

  4. preacherman says:

    I think old has changed.
    McCain is OLD.
    Obama not old enough.
    I think they were playing the same care that he was not old enough when Kennedy was running for presidient.
    Wouldn’t it be cool for there to be kids in the white house agan though.

  5. mmlace says:

    Excellent thoughts! I couldn’t agree more! In fact, that’s one of the things that I love most about the singles group at the church I’m a part of. it’s very diverse, and one of the ways that we are diverse is in our age. One of my closest friends in this group is nearly twice my age, and several other close friends have at least a decade on me!

    I look at it as an opportunity to learn from those who’ve lived a little more than I have!

    Congrats on hitting your half-a-century! I hit my quarter-of-a-century last month!

  6. Age is only a number…you are only as old as you feel! Some days I feel everyone of my 56 years and some days I still feel 18! Life is good and God is better! Praise the Lord!

  7. D. Meadows says:

    I remember our grandmother, Mama Whit, telling me when she was in her 80’s that she still felt 16 inside. Now that I am almost 60, I am beginning to understand. Inside I still feel like a kid on some days even though my body may feel every one of its years. I happen to think that is what is cool about getting “older.” I have more experience about life and hopefully more wisdom, but I can still relate to the younger folks because I remember what it was like. Even though times have changed, I think we older folk can help the younger just as God has told us to. So as soon as I figure out where I left my mind, I’ll be on the way to helping some young whippersnapper….

  8. jim miller says:

    Happy Birthday. 50 isn’t so bad (I can only guess). And you can get the AARP discount now.

  9. Karol Lee says:


    I have often told people how important our older members are in the church today. We live in such a transient society and do not have the stablility of extended family living in the same town. When we had our first child, Carey and I lived in Washington and our nearest family was in Georgia. We continue to be grateful for the insight and assistance that the senior members so freely share.

    Happy 50th!

  10. Royce says:

    The older I get the younger the high numbers seem. At 63 I don’t feel old at all. Hopefully I am somewhat wiser than I was 30 years ago. There is something to be said for learning by living. There are some lessons not learned any other way.

    His Peace,

  11. preacherman says:

    Danny and your family are in my thoughts and prayers as Ike approaches Florida.

  12. Danny Holman says:

    Isn’t it amazing. In the past few years I was amazed to look around and find I was ten years older than all the other youth ministers around me, and I felt old. (What happened to those years 30 – 45.) Now I am back in pulpit ministry… and I am “younger” again. One lady at church laughs because when I first visited her one person thought I was a teenager from the neighborhood. So now we joke that I am her 46 year old teenage preacher. Age is a funny thing. I read one place that “adult” is the final stage of growth… so I am trying to avoid adulthood.
    Thanks for blazing the trail to 50 for me.

  13. Matthew says:

    I am dealing with my oldness too. By putting on some extra pounds.


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