Just assorted stuff on my mind:

Sarah Palin has taken over the presidential race, hasn’t she? Just amazing! To all of her critics who do not believe that she can govern and take care of her family at the same time- please read Proverbs 31: 10-31. I am not saying that Sarah Palin is the virtuous woman depicted here- I am saying that God taught us about multi-tasking, working wives and moms a long time ago.

Today is 9-11. Please pause and say a prayer for all who lost loved ones seven years ago.

Books I am reading: Toward an Exegetical Theology by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.; The Hermeneutical Spiral by Grant R. Osbourne; New Testament Exegesis by Gordon D. Fee (when it finally gets here); How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Fee and Douglas Stewart. These are for my latest class- Advanced Bible Study Techniques- in the MMin. program at Harding University.

Speaking of reading, the Christian Chronicle is one outstanding newspaper. They do such an awesome job covering all things newsworthy in Churches of Christ.

I don’t know if any of you play fantasy sports, but millions now do. This is one of the fasting growing online activities. I am a major player in fantasy baseball and it is playoff time right now and a real test of my managerial skills!

Is is just me or is that Santa and Rudolph I am already seeing in several stores? Mercy. Better hurry only 105 shopping days left until Christmas!

As I have already mentioned, I am a sports guy and I really enjoy watching football. But from what I have seen this season, the NFL is kind of boring. Where is the variety in the offense? The college game offers all sorts of spread and/or option formations that keep that game exciting. Could the NFL really be the “No Fun League”?

BTW, Go Ole Miss! 🙂

Our Sunday night Share groups are about to start back at Gateway after the summer hiatus. This home-based small group ministry is a joy. Do you have these at your church? If you do- my guess is- that more will attend them then your traditional Sunday night service.

Have you noticed how both the Democrats and Republicans use the same type of campaign tactics in attacking each other- and then fuss at each other for doing so? Hypocrisy in politics seems to run in shades of both blue and red.

My two must-see TV shows: (both are reruns) Everybody Loves Raymond and The Andy Griffith Show. (I am often Raymond and sometimes Barney, but I wish I were Andy!)

Yesterday I had lunch with Tom Hagan who works for Mount Dora Children’s Home near Orlando. Gateway will host a regional benefit dinner for them in December. What an awesome work they do in their Christian home and Bible school programs.

My buddy, Les Ferguson, Jr. is having an evangelistic revival at his church- the Orange Grove Church of Christ in Gulfport, MS. They are literally baptizing folks every day! Praise God for moving in this body of believers.

Saturday I play in a benefit golf tourney. It is one of those “scramble” types where teams compete. I think that is appropriate because when I hit a golf ball everyone better scramble- no telling where it is going! I really stink at this game.

Thanks for stopping in and blogging with me today!


8 Responses to Ruminations

  1. odgie says:

    “Have you noticed how both the Democrats and Republicans use the same type of campaign tactics in attacking each other- and then fuss at each other for doing so? Hypocrisy in politics seems to run in shades of both blue and red.”

    Yes, and it’s sickening. Somebody on another blog got really short with me when I made the observation that pandering, slander, and harping on trivial issues are wrong whether it is “your guy” or “their guy” that does it.

  2. kenny says:

    we do have LIFE groups here at port city, but y’all take your break when we are just getting warmed up. our break is during the holiday season; november thru january. buddy bell and landmark are the ones we are modeling our LIFE groups after, but he did get started there at gateway, huh? great outreach tool!!

    i will not comment on the politics, because i’m sure to offend someone.

    les is rocking!! is he not? go les!!

  3. J D says:

    I would like to see a post like this every day. 🙂

  4. Bobby Ross says:

    Great post, Danny! Especially that part about the Christian Chronicle being an “outstanding” newspaper! (Btw, you really need to Facebook … that’s where all the cool people hang out.)

    — Bobby

  5. Royce Ogle says:

    Agree with your observations about politics. I also love the Chronicle, especially this month.There is a nice article about my church, White’s Ferry Road in West Monroe. I am so pleased to hear the good news about Bro’ Les. He is a great servant, a proven man of God.

    Bobby, I have looked at Facebook a couple of times and I am either intimidated or confused each time. I suppose I am too old for that. LOL

    I really enjoy this kind of post too.

    In Him,

  6. dannydodd says:

    I have thought of doing a Facebook page. My wife, Terri, has one and I have checked it out a few times and I agree with you Bobby- it is cool.

    But Royce speaks for me too- it is intimidating to think of putting all of that together. Maybe I will get Terri to help!

    Kenny, Bubby did infuse much life and evangelistic focus into our Share Group ministry, but if I have my facts down, these groups pre-dated his ministry here.

    Okay, JD, I will work on your suggestion.

  7. Preacherman says:


    I would you and your blog fans to think of thos that are in Houston. IKE is now a Cat 3 storm. Many were unable to leave (the poor, mentally handycapped, thios in hospitals, and those who just have enjoy notice). So please, pray!

    I love and appreciate you Danny.
    You do a fantastic job with your blog and posts. That is why I am a regular read of it. on a regular basis.
    Promise me you iwill keep the great work.

  8. Glad to hear about that MMin project you have going on Danny. Praying for the Gulf Coast …

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