Life Happenings

Life has been happening to me in recent weeks- mostly ordinary stuff but stuff which has demanded my time and attention. Consequently as you have noticed- if by chance you are still checking in- this blog has suffered from neglect.

I did briefly post about my trip to the sermon seminar at Lipscomb. This was a great event that continues to challenge me. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the scholarship of Walter Brueggemann, Brian McLaren, Cleo LaRue and John York, among others. A greater blessing still was the chance to be with a great group of friends and colleagues. David Fleer who directed the seminar always does an exceptional job.

In the past weeks I also had the chance to make a quick trip to my hometown of Greenville, MS to help celebrate my  mom’s 80th birthday with my sisters. That was fun.

God continues to bless us at Gateway, but we like so many other places are feeling the economic crunch. We have several of our families who have lost jobs and some who have had to move to find employment. Of course, our church budget has felt the crunch too, but recently we responded to our elder’s challenge to help erase some of our shortfall by more than doubling the budget in a special contribution. Praise God for that. We also hosted a booth at the Pensacola Interstate Fair which involved many- including me- and it was an enjoyable way to meet people and introduce them to our church. And we hosted our own Fall Family Carnival which brought several hundred here to trunk or treat and partake in a number of fun family events.

This weekend we have Randy Harris of Abilene Christian University scheduled to be with us. He is an extremely gifted communicator and we are looking forward to his presentations to our leadership, youth and entire congregation. I am sure that we will be much blessed.

One major reason of my recent busyness is my latest class in my pursuit of the Masters of Ministry degree from Harding University. This semester I am taking Advanced Bible Study Techniques and it is proving to be a demanding, but very profitable class. 

On the home front, Terri and Jordan traveled up to Arkansas last weekend and Terri got the chance to go to the Ole Miss vs. Arkansas football game in Fayetteville. Of course, the Rebs came away with the victory! 🙂 Taylor and I remained here so she could play in her soccer game on Saturday. Turns out that she kicked in the winning goal for her team. She made her dad proud!

I do hope that life is happening to you in a wonderful blessed way! 

Thanks for stopping in!


4 Responses to Life Happenings

  1. Matthew says:

    I wish I was at the Sermon Seminar as well. What were the dates that you were at Harding Grad. I was there as well recently doing a intensive class?

  2. teresa says:

    I just chalked up your lack of posts to the slower pace of a 50 year old!

  3. dannydodd says:

    LOL Teresa- that is not too far from the truth!

  4. dannydodd says:

    Matthew, I am taking the M.Min. through Harding University in Searcy- not the grad school. So far it has been entirely on-line.

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