Lithuania, Links and a Little Bit of Everything Else

In the latest wonderful issue of the Christian Chronicle, Erik Tryggestad has written a wonderful articleabout Ila Amosov and Juozas Puodziukaitis who are the evangelists in Vilnius, Lithuania. These guys are doing an awesome job nurturing the small Church of Christ there and spreading the gospel whenever and wherever they can. We are involved in their work on many levels at Gateway. Check out their story and please add these guys and their work to your prayers.

The Dodds had a great Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Our oldest girl, Taylor, was up at 4 am on Christmas morning! Mercy. The biggest gift for all of us- as it turned out- is the Wii. We all have enjoyed it- even our three year old, Jordan. Her favorite is bowling and boxing. She is a natural! 🙂

We watched a few bowl games and none was better than the Cotton Bowl. The Rebs showed up big-time! Hotty Toddy!

The year started off very well at Gateway. Our 2009 theme is “Awakening” and I plan to weave it into my sermons throughout the year. If you read either of my two earlier articles on the Church in Crisis, then you will know the reasons why we need to wake up. I also noticed that the Gulf Coast Getaway has the exact same theme. Cool.

Starting tomorrow Terri gets very busy. It is tax time and the pressure will only ramp up the closer it gets to April 15th. She will take time off though to go to Tallahassee on Saturday to catch the Florida State/Duke basketball game. She loves Duke and basketball.

I am looking forward later in the Spring to homecoming at my home church in Greenville, MS on March 28-29. I get the privilege of handling the speaking duties. Danny Holman is doing a fantastic job preaching there.

Also, please add a good friend of mine, J.C. Enlow to your prayer list. J.C. heads up 21st Century Global Missions and through this mission supports several Christian training schools in Eastern Europe, Mexico and other parts of the world. Recently while hunting, J.C. fell and was critically injured. He is now in the UAB hospital in Birmingham, AL.

As always thanks for dropping by. I pray that we will all enjoy a wonderful 2009 together.


7 Responses to Lithuania, Links and a Little Bit of Everything Else

  1. Royce says:

    I love good news!

    I read the article in the Chronicle and thought of you and Gateway and the dedication you have proven in regard to that works. May God bless even more!

    Happy New Year from your virtual friend,

    Royce Ogle

  2. Rodney Livingston says:

    Hotty Toddy! Great game! Glad Christmas and the New Year was great. We spent the New Year in Orlando, FL with the sun and warm weather. We are now back in cold, rainy, Leoma TN. It was kind of depressing to come back to this weather. Have fun and enjoy it. Have a great 09, we are looking for a great year as well. Tell the family hello.

  3. mattdabbs says:


    Will you be at the getaway this year?

  4. Donna says:

    WE rediscovered our Wii over the Christmas holidays. I was actually sore one morning from bowling…and me and my son had a couple of collisions playing tennis….we really get into it!

  5. Donna says:

    Oh, and I enjoyed your Rebels game…..not so much on the Sugar Bowl……oh well!

  6. dannydodd says:

    Yea, the Tide forgot to roll in the Sugar Bowl. Sorry Donna.

    Matt, unless things change I will not get to getaway this year.

    Rodney, Terri misses the cold.

    Thanks for your encouraging words Royce!

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