I am All Sexed Out

I confess. I am all sexed out. I have had enough. Just TMI.

I am weary of the loud tabloid screams trumpeting what celebrity just came out of the closet or which starlet will pose nude or release a sex tape or who is sleeping with who in Hollywood.

I am sickened by the seemingly monthly teacher-sleeping-with-the-middle-school-kid headline.

I have had enough of the cheerleader-sending-nude-photos-on-the-cell-phone stories.

I never want to see or hear another word about how prostitution helps marriages, is a noble and needed service profession and should be legalized.

And I am tired of the overt sexual intrusion into practically every form of entertainment.

My heart breaks to see more and more- especially Christian folk- gravitate towards this skewed and hollow vision (represented by all of the above) of what our sexual nature is all about.

Satan has succeeded in seducing us. He has aggressively taken God’s beautiful wedding gift of sexual intimacy and re-branded it. He has turned it gutter ugly. His approach is animalistic- substituting lust for love. Sex has become just another bodily function to be fulfilled- another itch to scratch with little more thought put into it than that.

Multiple sex partners- sure. Same-sex partners- of course. Shame- for what? Abstinence- not possible. Intimacy- not really attainable. Monogamy- are you kidding!

Satan’s message is loud, clear and is winning our day. Sex rules and has no rules.

But I am oh-so tired of hearing all these loud voices promoting it!

Where are the other voices? Is it just me or does anyone else see a connection between our sexed-up culture and broken homes, broken lives, and broken people?

God did not give us the gift of sex for us to unwrap and throw in the trash. It is worth much more than that. It is a gift to keep and savor- to only be unwrapped and shared in the celebration of marital love and intimacy. It is only here where we can actually realize just how precious this gift really is.

One man for one woman for life may sound like something from another planet these days, but I will take it any day over the gutter garbage sexual perversion Satan celebrates.


16 Responses to I am All Sexed Out

  1. Jeff Foster says:

    Great post! Thank you.

  2. lesjr says:

    Good stuff–I am sharing with Orange Grove!

  3. thepurebed says:

    I share your heart to see God’s gift of sexual intimacy to marriage restored. I do believe, to a great degree, that the noise of the world concerning sex may be exposing the silence of the Church.

    Let us remind ourselves of just how the little foxes spoil the vine (Song of Solomon). Let’s have that conversation honestly and openly in the the congregation of believers. Let’s show the world how beautifully moral (I Peter 2:11,12) and Godly sex can be!


  4. Royce says:

    I’m with you on this one!

    I am old enough to remember when it was a shame to do things that are now common place in our society. In those rowdy 50’s and 60’s, as wild as things were, no parents I knew thought it was OK for their college age kids to sleep around and even “live” with a boy friend or girl friend.

    And, I am old enough to remember when preachers actually preached against sins, not just the concept of sinfulness.

    Are times better now? I do like TV in HD and I like having air conditioning and central heat, but in the context of morality we are sinking. I agree with the late Dr J Vernon McGee who once said “I used to say that this generation is going to the dogs but I’ve stopped out of respect for the dogs”.


  5. SteveLavin says:

    Matt (our minister) just began a Wednesday night series dealing with ‘Male Sexuality’. He did a fair amount of promotion, in advance for the class, but the first week attendance exceeded the capacity of the chapel (about 200) so he is moving the class to the auditorium. There is obviously a need for the church to address this issue and people are evidently ready to hear the message.

  6. Rodney Livingston says:

    Great post and good thoughts. Right on target i am sad to say. We can’t talk about sex because the defition of sex is so abused. People today do not think about the biblical defition of sex but rather how the world displays it. It is an anything goes society today. When do we start teaching our children? How do we teach them? I fell we start now and teach them all the time about the gift of sex. What a sad spin society has put on sex, a beautiful thing in the mind of God between man and woman who are married. Thanks for your thoughts!

  7. teresa says:

    If Satan’s “version” of sex works, why are its believers so miserable?

  8. Donna says:

    Yep…I am sick of it too.

  9. dannydodd says:

    `Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Teresa- that is the question that exposes the lie Satan has sold to us.

  10. Thanks for your thoughts, Danny. I am in the middle of counseling a 15 year old girl who just recently had sex with her boyfriend. Was it a good experience for her? NO. Will she do it again? If she feels like it. Why? Because all her friends are doing it. Was she raised in the church? Yes. Does she know better? Yes. I just printed out this post and plan to give it to her the next time I see her. I’ve already had her read “Every Young Woman’s Battle.” Her response was, “I don’t see how that applies to me.” The media and Satan are really doing a number on our young people today and it truly saddens my heart!

  11. D. Meadows says:


    We had a headline recently here in Mississippi that we rank 1st in something. That might be good news but it’s not. We are 1st in the nation in teen pregnancies and the powers that be are claiming that abstinence only is not working! It’s just shows that, along with so many other areas of our lives, the breakdown of the family has caused this latest situation. We must speak up and speak out. Kids just laugh nowadays when you suggest that they wait for marriage. If a poll were taken and students would be honest, I wonder how many would say they have never had sex? The devil is having a field day at the expense of our society.


  12. jim miller says:

    Wow! Touched a nerve on this one!! Unfortunately, the world rejects the Christian model of sex because alot of us are either immature or miserable with the topic ourselves. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard Christians say that certain practices are “not what Christians do”. I was amazed when the church (Ed Young) challenged their members to minister to one another (physically) daily and how it was stated that marital problems shrinked after about 30 days.
    Also, our middle age parents need to set example to their children in how to dress and act modestly and appropriately. It’s east to pick on the kids but the parents are the responsible parties.

  13. odgie says:

    I’ve thought about this one a lot (no, not like that 🙂 ). I am interning at the local Child Protective Services office this year and I encounter the consequence of a hyper-sexualized culture (unwanted children) on a regular basis. Sometimes when I am talking to these young unwed mothers I ask them why they don’t practice birth control. They almost always reply, “Its against my religion.” Yet I don’t know a single religious tradition that bans birth control but not extra-marital sex. Its as though people think that no sexual urge should be resisted, any time.

    We expect people to manage their families, their money, their food intake, alcohol use, and every other facet of their lives. Yet when we talk about practicing discernment in sexual matters, people act as though we’re insane.

  14. dannydodd says:

    It is ironic how birth control is against their religion but sex outside of marriage is not.

    Go figure.

  15. Jerry Starling says:

    I’m putting your post on my blog (with attritution) – hoping my granddaughter will see it. (In fact, I’ll email my blog address to her so she will see it.)

  16. dannydodd says:

    Hope it helps Jerry. Thanks.

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