What’s the Deal about Sarah Palin?

While this blog usually deals with more religious and spiritual topics, I have occasionally ventured into the political arena. The reaction to some of my venturing in the previous post has created this one. It just got me to wondering, what is the deal with Sarah Palin?

Why does she evoke such negative reactions? Maybe I have become out-of-touch but I don’t get it.

To me she is refreshing. Sure, she was totally unprepared and over-her-head- initially at least- when thrust abruptly into the national scene. She made her share of goofs- who wouldn’t? (Biden anyone?) But- to me- she seemed truly to be one of us. And what about all the feminist and other voices crying out for strong women to achieve and accomplish? You would think she would be a role model. Instead they torched her.

Don’t get me wrong. Anyone who steps up on the big political stage these days will get scrutinized, criticized and investigated by all kinds of media types. Anyone stepping into that arena should expect it. But Palin got all of that and much more. She was viciously attacked- with all kinds of outlandish accusations made against her and her family. Folks- it seemed- were simply out to smash her.

And why? Here is a lady who is self-made. She did not speak or come across like a politician. She seemed like she could have been my neighbor. She seemed to have normal problems that thousands of families deal with. And she is immensely popular in her home state. (I guess those Alaskans are just weird.) To me this was a breath of fresh air in the usually smoke-filled world of politics- regardless of political views.

Compare her to a couple of other currently famous women in politics. Hillary is the very definition of an insider- doing whatever it takes to advance herself- caught in nunerous lies and scandals. Caroline Kennedy has absolutely no experience- even compared to Palin- and yet she is likely about to be placed into a national office of prominence. Sure voices have spoken out in criticism of her, but without the vitriol embedded in Palin’s opposition.

So why is Palin so terrible? Why did it seem so vital for so many to tear her down? Is it because she is Republican conservative? Does that explain it all? Or is there more to it? I am still scratching my head.


17 Responses to What’s the Deal about Sarah Palin?

  1. mkjergaard says:

    She’s Republican, conservative, pro-life, and Christian. Just the kind of person the mainstream journalists love to hate.

  2. xybatt says:

    Ok, bro. Here’s the real story (Sorry, you opened the door on this one). Sarah Palin wasn’t qualified to be VP any more than Barack Obama was qualified to be the President (or Gov. and screen guild leader Ronald Reagan -or Gov. Carter- or Gov. George W.-)……
    Feminists and the left hate her because 1) looked good in a dress and bathing suit 2) faithful to husband and family 3) too many kids 4) displayed faith 5) open and honest 6) trully a nice girl from next door in Alaska
    Now….insert Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno or Madeline Albright into each of those six slots………………..
    Republicans blame her for McCain’s own inadequecy.
    Thanks Sarah for a lesson on faith, family, guns and lipstick!

  3. Brad Adcock says:

    I thought Palin was a very poor choice by McCain. Politically speaking, it sabotaged the one knock the Republicans had on Obama – his inexperience. By selecting someone with questionably less or even the same experience than Obama, McCain could no longer credibly attack Obama’s youth and perceived inexperience.

    Also, the fact to me that Sarah Palin, an unknown governor for just under two years, could even be considered to debate Joe Biden (despite his goofs and gaffes), a senator with nearly 40 years experience, literally made me want to throw up. I could not (and still cannot) fathom informed people claiming that this woman won the debate or even held her own. WHAT?! Biden should be commended for not swatting her down like the fly that she was.

    That said, I agree totally with you, Danny, when it comes to the personal attacks. There is no place for that kind of thing. For things like the paternity of her children and grandchildren to be questioned is appalling. Perhaps she doesn’t help things by the way she responds in some cases – but again, I believe that goes with her being so inexperienced and unready for that kind of spotlight on her and her family.

    Sorry for venting at you, Danny. Keep up the good work!

  4. dannydodd says:

    Hey Brad- NP. I readily see your points about her inexperience- and any and all attempts by her oppnents to paint her in this light was fair political game. But as you said- and what I am wondering about is- why all the incredible overflowing of hateful negativity toward her as a person?

    Could Mike and Jim be right?

  5. Jim Sexton says:

    Politically I believe her to be a ‘not-yet-ready-for-prime-time’ player. For her to be destroyed by the media for who she is, that was just wrong.

    The big problem in this country is that we believe, without question for the most part, what the mainstream media feeds us. That my friends is the goal of any propaganda machine, whether conservative or liberal.

    We also believe, without much personal investigation or question, what the religious right wing talking heads want us to believe, whether it is true or not. That my friends is just what the pharisees of Jesus day used to control the nation.

    The lies, half truths, and stuff printed about Barack Obama made me sick… and it was sent my way by well meaning friends and associates who bought into it hook, line and sinker because it came from those same right wing conservative Christian watch dogs.

    Meanwhile, those same watch dogs were touting John McCain as the only possible choice a Christian would possibly make in this election. Be careful not to look into the background of he or his second wife… you will find some pretty scary things.

    Sarah Palin was a breath of fresh air. The only problem with fresh air in the pollution of politics is that it is soon dissipated and overwhelmed. I am glad she got out and hope that she got out with as few scars as possible.

    I lived most of my life in upstate NY… don’t even remind me the embarrassment of Hillary “I have no intention of ever running for president” Clinton being elected in a state she never lived in. I’ll never understand why NY doesn’t close that loophole, but they don’t. It is how Bobby Kennedy became powerful politically, as NY state Atty General, even though he lived his whole life in Mass.

    Anybody wonder that perhaps there are some kind of sealed indictments left over after the legal mess she and Bill left behind in Arkansas that kept her from running for office there? Hmmm…


  6. J D says:

    Sarah who? Is there anyone more irrelevant at this point?

  7. dannydodd says:

    Hmmm, not to the folks in Alaska.

  8. odgie says:

    Palin’s whole candidacy was a debacle. That is not necessarily a comment on her as a person or a politician, but rather on the confluence of factors involved.

    1. McCain didn’t really vet her.

    2. Regardless of her innate abilities, she really wasn’t ready for the national stage.

    3. Her values and conduct really did place her at odds with militant feminists.

    4. She hitched her wagon to the wrong horse. Short of divine intervention, McCain didn’t really have a shot. He got the nomination on pre-W nostalgia in the Republican party and i’m not sure that even he thought that he could win.

  9. Darren says:

    I believe it was wrong and very unfair to Sarah Palin to put her in the lion’s den as John McCain did. She was clearly out of her league.
    This does in no way make her a bad person. In my opinion, I am sure she is a good Christian woman. Was the media unfair to her? Sure! After the campaign it appeared the McCain camp pushed her under the bus, which was horrible to do, and then the infighting….
    Sarah will do well in Alaska. I hope for the sake of her family she does not venture out past the borders. Let her be the one to tell us when the “Russians are coming!”.
    May God bless Sarah Palin

  10. c3andp says:

    Much of the problem with Sarah Palin was that, being a total unknown who was chosen to be the Vice President by an elderly Presidential candidate, she ended up going through a rigorous public vetting process. When someone so totally from left field (and Alaska is way left of the lower 48) and so suddenly thrust into the most intense public arena there is, presidential politics, the reactions is, “No one knows anything about this woman. Find out everything you can about her.” Every question, no matter how crude or rude, got heard by every one.
    If we had at least heard of her, some of that would have been unnecessary.
    She was also presented as having the role of attacker, which she fulfilled and was pretty good at. But attackers get attacked.
    Again, Caroline Kennedy is getting some tough pushback. But suppose we had never heard of her. Then someone looked into her background and discovered her grandfather was a bootlegger and her father a notorious womanizer. If we did not know all that and it came to light in a public vetting, she would be in this same situation as Sarah.
    I guess what I am saying is, it is all McCain’s fault. Bad move on his part.

  11. Royce says:

    Palin made two truths very clear. Feminists are not for bettering women, they are for bettering liberal women.

    Secondly, the major news media is extremely biased. Palin, by any rational standard, has much more experience on governing than Obama. Yet she was trashed and dismissed while Obama was corinated.

    Palin, or any other national figure, who is conservative politically is not going to be embraced by the mainstream media. For sure anyone who admits to being a serious follower of Jesus and believing the Bible is going to be branded as ignorant and narrow minded and worse. The fact that Palin respects her husband, and honors her family is not a plus either to liberals.

    Off subjest, if you want an eye opener go to http://whitehouse.gov and read the subjects under Agenda and Family under that heading.


  12. Donna says:

    I agree with you Danny, she was someone like me. The media was grossly unfair and I detest the bias we saw during this enitre election.

    However, my brother who is in the Air Force (in his 27th year) said that most of the miltary neither liked or respected her. I guess I can see that side of things.

    But I like her and admire her…..

  13. SteveLavin says:

    I don’t believe Sarah was ready for the office. Do I believe she could be, if she wanted the position? Absolutely! She has excelled at every job she has ever taken. That says a lot about her competence. The irony is that we don’t like Washington insiders and then trash one when they actually show up! We say we can’t stand Washington politicians and then we only consider voting for them. I thing we get what we deserve.

  14. Darren says:

    I think you are correct about someone who is politically conservative would not be embraced by the mainstream media. However, that same person IS embraced by Fox News, which is fairly bias!
    What I take issue with is your statement; “…anyone who admits to be a serious follower of Jesus and believing the Bible is going to be branded as ignorant and narrow minded and worse.”
    What I hear you saying is that you are assuming Sarah Palin’s theology is the correct one and if one does not like or agree with her than that person is not “believing the Bible.” It reminds me of some Pastors and laity during the election season told people to “vote the Bible!” What they are saying is, “Vote the Bible like I see it!” Some even went so far as saying if you (a Christian) vote for “x” then you are not a Christian or you dont believe in the Bible.” This is not only divisive it is blatently wrong!
    We as Christians will not be judged based on our voting record. We will be judged, rather, by our actions and our love for one another.

  15. Frank says:

    I agree, Sarah Palin was not qualified to become the Vice President of the United States. Her candidacy always looked like a “Hail, Mary” on McCain’s part, trying to pick up disaffected Hillary voters. Pathetic.

    Besides, Palin’s husband couldn’t stand being in the spotlight. I felt so sorry for that guy. He just wanted to get back to the great outdoors in Alaska. And when does a Vice President have time and privacy for you know what? I bet he voted for Obama.

  16. Tawana says:

    I totally agree that the attacks against Palin were because she is a Republican conservative. I also agree she was thrown into a whirlpool without a paddle but I think she found one just a little to late. A lot of people say they can relate to Obama because he is laid back and one of the people. However I feel Palin is the same thing. She talked the same message, in that regard, that Obama did. The only difference is she had our conservative values at heart. Love the blog Danny and miss your family!

  17. dannydodd says:

    Hey Tawana! Welcome to the blog. Thanks for your comments. Tell your family and folks in Kosy hello for us.

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