Adventures in Life and Blogging

I really enjoy blogging- both writing and reading. It is one of the better usages of the world wide web. My problem is being able to do it consistently. I marvel at guys like Bobby Valentine, Matt Dabbs, John Dobbs, Trey Morgan and others who are able to maintain quality posting.

Just in case you did not know the last two mentioned will be co-teaching a couple of classes at the Tulsa Workshop on Christian blogging. Should be interesting. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend.

Blogging (much like other things- say- working out at the gym) is about time management. Lately my time has been managed for me- between family, ministry and my MMin. work.

But I am not complaining. This weekend my daughter Taylor turned seven. She is a Valentine baby and we celebrated at a local pet store (Yes, pet stores host b’day parties now) which was fun. She also had her ears pierced- which dad was not quite ready for!

At Gateway, we have seen an increase in benevolence requests. We have set up a task force to deal with this and to redefine our focus in this area. Early this morning one lady- whom we had been helping- from the homeless community was found dead under an oak tree in front of our building. Often we feel quite overwhelmed in our efforts to address the needs that are out there.

Later this month we will be hosting the President and First Lady of Lipscomb University, Randy and Rhonda Lowery. Rhonda will be spending the weekend as the resource speaker for our annual Ladies Retreat and Randy will speak to us on the following Sunday.

For my latest class in my MMin. program, I am writing a research paper on how the divorce of a preacher effects a congregation. I am discovering that there are not a great deal of resources available on this topic.

As always- thanks for dropping in!

7 Responses to Adventures in Life and Blogging

  1. mattdabbs says:

    Yep…I gave up working out at the gym so I would have more time to blog 😉

  2. I thought about giving up on my bike but decided against it … so I decided instead to post cheap trash … 😉

    Bobby V

  3. Trey Morgan says:

    I’m not sure about quality stuff. Sometimes you can’t write stuff fast enough, because it just keeps coming. Then other times you’re dry and couldn’t come up with an interesting post to save your life. 🙂

  4. Hi Danny,

    My name is Jennie Keeran, usually I live in Vancouver, BC. Your blog came up on my google alert for “church of Christ” + homeless- so I read what you wrote about your heart for helping the homeless. Good work!

    I wanted to let you know about a project we’ve been working on to see if you might want to consider doing it there in your town:

    This is an invitation for your congregation to participate in a project to help homeless people in your community while bringing close fellowship between members of your group with a lasting, powerful spiritual experience enacting God’s love for the poor. For the last 4 years, churches of Christ in several cities have been undertaking this project, leading the way for the community to make direct personal donations to individual homeless people.
    It costs nothing and results in maximum encouragement for the church, the community, local shelters and the homeless. Thousands of gifts have been collected for the homeless and it’s a great encouragement for Christians to see their church members on TV and in the newspapers, showing the community a safe and effective way to help the poor. And best of all, God gets the glory. The project makes a statement to the community that His church is “doing” God’s love – “They will know we are Christians by our love.”
    We encourage you to please consider taking on this project in your congregation.
    This is a basic description of the project:
    1. Working with a local shelter, church members interview the homeless or leave interview forms for the homeless to fill out, at the shelter.
    2. Then church members type those interviews on to the website: – access to the website is free of charge
    3. Then the church sends out press releases to local news outlets and/or holds press conferences so that the media will cover it as a news story. The project’s spokesperson, from the congregation, conducts interviews with newspaper, TV and radio for the purpose of driving traffic to the website. Community members read the stories and bond with their personal stories.
    4. Then they deliver the personalized gifts directly to the shelters, who distribute them personally to the homeless people.

    Please feel free to go to and read some of the stories from last year and be sure to look at the “thank yous” from the recipients- they’re really an inspiration. Community members can also get information about your congregation’s programs at the website. High School classes will often accept a presenter from the church to talk about the project, bringing God’s love to the classroom by invitation.
    Even elementary and Sunday school children can be involved by drawing personal cards and letters to individuals on the website – they’re real heart-melters.
    To get more information on the project you can also go to and use the search terms “homeless partners” to see a 2 minute video. We can also send you additional materials including a manual that covers details of the project.
    If there is a particular group or person in your congregation who have this special interest, please pass this on to them.
    And please let me know if your group is interested. We will be praying for your decision.
    Peace and Grace,
    Jennie Keeran

  5. Frank says:


    I’d really be interested in hearing about what you come up with on your research project, both the resources and your conclusions.

  6. benoverby says:

    Taking on a new job and adjusting to life after ministry, I simply didn’t have the time to blog for the last 8 or 9 months. Like you, I do believe the blogging community is a real positive. I hope to write at least a blog a week on my new site. I simpathize with you and the who time thing, but as I told you before, your blog is always an encouragement.

    Ben overby

  7. jim miller says:

    I decided to post every sat. morning, regardless of inspration. It helps the readers also to know when to check.

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