Back Up and Walking

It hit me like a ton of bricks- the flu that is. I was down and out for over a week and the Doc said I came too close to pneumonia. I even missed Sunday worship and preaching. This was tough stuff, but I am back up and walking (but not yet running).

Terri reminded me that this was the first time she could ever remember me missing a Sunday due to illness. I missed worship and I missed preaching. For non-preachers, this may be difficult to completely understand, but preaching is not my lively-hood- it is my life- not just the actual act of preaching, but all that is related to it. I cannot imagine any other life.

Occasionally someone well comment on how challenging being a local preacher must be and certainly there are those moments. But the blessings have far outweighed the challenges for me. The church- while imperfect- has supported and encouraged me through both thick and thin times and I praise God for her. My church family-everywhere- has been incredible. Preaching is more than a profession- it is who I am.

Soon I am going home- to Greenville, MS- that is. On the last weekend of this month the South Main Church of Christ is having a homecoming. I get the privilege of being the resource speaker and am greatly looking forward to it. Danny Holman continues to do an outstanding job preaching there and has brought fresh life to that beloved church.

Sorry for the lapse in posting. I’ll just blame the flu!


7 Responses to Back Up and Walking

  1. Tawana says:

    Glad to know your better and I hope the whole family is over the flu as well.

  2. Donna says:

    Glad you are up and about…and I am glad I have missed this “pleasure” (knock on wood)…

  3. Tony Black says:

    It is hard to miss preaching. I really understand that truth. Go to hear that you are better. See you tonight.


  4. Royce Ogle says:

    I’ve missed you. Glad your’re back. I look forward to your posts.


  5. benoverby says:

    Glad you’re better, Danny! I’m just glad the flu is one virus that can’t be passed through the i-net.

  6. Eddie Lewis says:

    Glad you are feeling better. I already knew that you were going to Greenville to preach for their homecoming. I know you are excited and pleased that they asked you to come. I will be preaching for a meeting in Cleveland, March 22-25. They plan to have a campaign group from FHU come the week before and knock doors. I think Owen Albright will be the leader of the campaign. Please pray for those in the community that need to develop a realation with Christ will come and be open to the message of Christ.

  7. Danny Holman says:

    Hey Danny! Glad you are feeling better. Look forward to seeing you here in Greenville.

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