Going Home

To the Mississippi Delta! To Greenville, MS that is. The South Main Church of Christ is hosting a homecoming this weekend (March 28-29) and I will be participating in it, God willing. I am looking forward to seeing family and old friends. This church has been so gracious to me over the years.

Things have been busy around here lately. Last week I had a colonoscopy as a part of my 50 yr check-up. Mercy. The prep work was worse than the procedure.  Getting old- in medical ways- is no fun. 🙂

Gateway continues to be a blessing to me. Almost daily I hear kind words from folks here. I just finished a two month sermon series on the Exodus and it was well received. Thanks church!

On the home front it is Terri’s busiest time of the year. Tax season for accountants is crazy. Taylor and Jordan are working toward their recitals in ballet (It should really be fun watching Jordan for the first time) and Taylor is about to start spring soccer.

For me- well I would rather be fishing. Seems like forever since I wet a hook. My grad class work is taking up some of my free time and now yard work beckons.

See you around the blog!


6 Responses to Going Home

  1. Donna says:

    Have a good homecoming….I love going home.

  2. Eddie Lewis says:

    Hope you have a great weekend. I just finished in Cleveland and had a great time visiting all the folks. Some from Greenville came Monday night.

  3. xybatt says:

    Can Kermit catch a ride? Isn’t he (the frog) from your area?

  4. Darren Beachy says:

    Is it still true one can never go home again?

  5. markemo says:

    Let’s see, Colonoscopy or fishing over spring break? Mmm, I turned fifty in November, but chose fresh crappie over the former. I am sure there is a pun in there somewhere…

  6. dannydodd says:

    Good for you Mark! Crappie are good eating. 🙂

    The homecoming was awesome. Danny Holman and crew in Greenville did everything right.

    What a blessing to have been a part of it.

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