Summer Stuff

Do you like summer? While it is not my favorite season (that would be autumn) we do enjoy fun in the sun in Florida.

At Gateway we are having an entire summer-long celebration. We kicked off Sunday Night live last night with an all-church picnic and softball game- and have great plans every Sunday night. We are doing different things on Wednesday nights too- plus the normal summer VBS, camps and mission trips.

One thing I am most excited about is my “Go and Tell” sermon series starting in mid-July. Gateway folks are going to be sharing their God-stories. Can’t wait.

As for the Dodds- we will be spending a week at a condo on the beach and going on a family vacation later in the summer. The girls will be participating in some area VBS’s and a couple of camps in addition to spending quite a bit of time lounging around a pool.

As for me- I am greatly looking forward to hearing George Jones this weekend and taking in Fenway Park next weekend. Beyond that I am scheduled to head back to Lithuania on July 2nd- all of this, God willing, of course. I also look forward to speaking at a few area churches this summer. That is always fun.

This is our summer stuff around here.

Drop in and see us if your summer stuff brings you our way!


6 Responses to Summer Stuff

  1. Darren Beachy says:

    That sounds like you have a full schedule!
    We just concluded our VBS and now it is very quiet around the office. Our Home Groups are meeting on a monthly basis this summer until August when we meet weekly.
    I will be riding my bike across Iowa in July and then after that head down to the Big Easy for a support group convention with my family. I am not looking forward to the heat but it should be interesting.
    Along with my vacation I get an extra 4 Sundays off per year. I will take 2 of them this summer. On these Sundays I always visit other churches (different denomination) which I always look forward to!
    Have a happy summer!

  2. Tawana says:

    Our plans were to spend a week on the beach as near you guys in July. However, things have changed. Hopefully we can still get to see you guys sometime. I would love to catch up. I’m really bummed about it but this has definetly been another summer of change for us. Autumn is also my favorite season. I’m beginning to dread summer because I never know what it will bring for us.

  3. Royce says:

    I hope I can stop by sometime. Hope you have a great summer season. You are a good guy!


  4. lesjr says:

    George Jones? That’s just sick… 🙂

  5. Al says:


    We’re looking forward to your trip out here and “Camp Ruta 2009”. We plan to have all the American and Lithuanian counselors over to our house again for a 4th of July BBQ (on the 5th, after church) and a time of singing and fellowship – I’m sure Ilia has told you already. Have a safe trip, and God bless…


  6. dannydodd says:

    Loopking forward to it also Al!

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