It is More than Just a Book

The Book of Eli is a remarkable film.  It delivers a remarkable message.

The Bible is more than just another book. This is the underlying message of the movie. The Bible is a book worth protecting; worth memorizing; worth knowing because its message has the ability to change lives and produce hope.

Sometimes this message was darkly twisted in the movie. Sometimes- unfortunately- protection equaled graphic violence in the post-apocalyptic setting of the film.

To me it is remarkable that such a movie with such a message would be made at all.

The Bible is more than just a book and its message is still impacting culture.


8 Responses to It is More than Just a Book

  1. john dobbs says:

    Excellent movie with so many spiritual lessons. I’ve been pondering a blog post with just some questions from the movie that I keep ruminating on.

  2. dannydodd says:

    Ask em! Look forward to it JD!

  3. Donna says:

    Oh good. I wanted to see it before, but now I really want to see it. Can’t wait.

  4. teresa Jurczak says:

    It was an interesting movie. My question was Eli blind??

  5. Patrice Porterfield says:

    I am a friend of Teresa Jurczak and have attended church with her. I too would like to know, was Eli in the movie blind?

  6. dannydodd says:

    Teresa and Patrice,

    I looked around the web to find an answer to your question about and got mixed answers.

    My take is- that it appeared that he was blind in one eye once they showed a close-up of him toward the end of the movie.

    This would explain how he had no problems seeing and interacting with folks, but would also explain why he could read braille.

  7. SteveLavin says:

    I took the end shot of his eyes to be a lesson in faith. To those that saw God working in his life to accomplish the impossible he could well be viewed as totally or near totally blind. To those without faith in God then they could see a man with limited vision that was able to overcome a partial handicap. I felt as though the director left it up to the individual to answer…like faith.

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