Sardis Lake Christian Camp

Good ole Sardis Lake Christian Camp near Oxford, MS has been on my mind lately.  What an incredible place with awesome memories for me. I spent a wonderful part of my life there.

Much has changed there since I literally rolled in sitting on top of a joy bus (I had to lift up the sign that then hung over the entrance so it would not dent the bus!).  Back then there was no such thing as hot water. Primitive and rustic don’t even do justice to what the camp was like back in the ancient of days. If I recall there were only three or four sessions. I actually once served as a counselor at a session that had 21 people total! (It was a blast too.) The only thing left over from those days are a few cabins, parts of the arts and craft shed,  boys bath house and what is now the “Hilton.”

I was privileged to direct first session for twelve years. For those who remember- first session was “simply the best.” lol Throughout my SLCC days God blessed my life with so many people- too numerous to name (because I would leave some out)- some of whom became life-long friends. I remember watching young people grow up in the Lord to become leaders in their own right. What a joy those memories are.

SLCC has and continues to be a blessing for hundreds of people- young and old. I thank God for the part its ministry played in my life and how it continues to influence today.

I have not been to a session at SLCC since 2000. My involvement in the camp in Lithuania and our subsequent move there (and then here to Florida) separated me from SLCC. But God willing, I plan to go back this summer with my daughter, Taylor, who is now old enough to attend. Hopefully and prayerfully my oldest daughter, Natalie, will be able to join us as one of the nurses during the third session (which my cousin Kenny Jackson still directs).

So get ready Joe Lee Rudd! I am looking forward to the reunion.


9 Responses to Sardis Lake Christian Camp

  1. R.J. Morgan says:


    SLCC has been on my mind of late too, and this post has only added to it. Those years growing up at SLCC with you as director will always be some of the most influential in enjoyable years of my life.

    Kenny has asked me to be a counselor at Third, and when he told me that you, Nat, etc. were probably coming back, I just couldn’t pass it up. So I’m looking forward to the reunion as well!

    Take care.

  2. dannydodd says:

    Wonderful R.J. Just makes me look forward to it even more!

  3. kim meadows burrell says:

    SLCC was so much a part of my life too. Dean and I want to start going back too and take the kiddos so that it becomes as important in their lives. Will there be a revival of the fleas? Sending this out to John Dobbs… swat the fleas, swat swat the fleas!

  4. Peggy Jackson says:

    Glad the ole group will be back together. I amlooking forward to “spending a week in the woods with all of ya’ll.”

  5. Cameron Hunt says:

    Bro Danny,

    Thanks for writing this piece. What great memories I have of you and the 1st session! They are great and are etched for ever. Thanks for playing a major role in shaping my spirituality! I enjoy reading your Blogs, thanks, and continue the great work!

    Peace be with you,

  6. dannydodd says:

    Hey thanks Cameron! I appreciate your kind words.

    Ah the Fleas- also known as the hairy nose nuclear fleas at one point. Undefeated, baby! I love it Kim, but I dunno if we can talk John into it or not.

    It should be good, Peggy!

  7. J D says:

    Whatever happens, the fleas should be swatted. Mercilessly.

  8. Karol Lee says:

    Hey Danny,

    Last year was our first time at SLCC and we had a ball. Carey and I were counselors and Greer and Caroline were first time campers. Our kids were excited when we received the enrollment form for this summer. We will be in the first session, so I guess we will break in the new season for ya’ll.


  9. D. Meadows says:

    Ah, SLCC. All those wonderful memories. All those wonderful awards – “Closest to the ground”, etc. And my latest memory is of a broken foot. I went the last session last year with our Goodman Oaks crew and promptly broke my foot the first day – only I didn’t know it was broken. I hobbled on it all week. I really think I have passed my prime for camp work unless I can just sit and be “counselor emeritus.” I do look forward to visiting one day during 3rd session to see many of the old crew. The SLCC days were a wonderful part of my life as well and I would not trade those days for anything!

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