ElderLink Atlanta

Last weekend (March 26-27) I attended my first ever Elderlink event. It was held at the North Atlanta church. I greatly enjoyed the focus, resource speakers and especially the interactive nature of the event.

It was great to see old friends and make new ones. I caught up a little with old Mississippi friend, Tom Perkins. Tom is now the Involvement minister and worship leader for the University Church in Tuscaloosa, AL. He is one of the best at the latter I know! I got to know Steve Watson a little more. Steve is the preaching minister at the Campus View church in Athens, GA. His brother, Scott, is one of our elders at Gateway. I wish I could be around Steve more. And I enjoyed a long lunch with Jerry Neill. Jerry is the preaching minister at the Meadowbrook church in Jackson, MS. This was my first opportunity to spend time around Jerry. I enjoyed it. He is a great minister and thinker.

It also was blessing to be around David Fleer. David is a professor at Lipscomb University in Nashville and one of the forces behind Elderlink. I respect David a great deal. He loves preaching and preachers. Any event with his hand print on it will be an incredible experience.

The trip up to Atlanta with Gateway co-workers and friends and the time spent together with brothers and sisters at the event were all great blessings!

One Response to ElderLink Atlanta

  1. jim says:

    thought it was golf for seniors…………

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