Spring has Sprung!

God has been blessing us with some awesome early spring weather in the Florida panhandle. It is especially welcome after the harsh-by-our-standards winter we endured (it even snowed for a minute or two).

Spring blessings for me means:

  • Easter. Resurrection Sunday is always an incredible time of reflection and joy. It was no different this year. For the empty tomb I am most thankful.
  • Seeing my girls back out on the soccer field. They enjoy this game even if dad still doesn’t get it.
  • Yard work. I can actually enjoy it this time of the year before the oppressive heat and humidity sets in.  Now, if I can just defeat all these weeds.
  • Wetting a hook. Well, hopefully. Fishing is the best therapy I know.
  • The colors. Wow! God is an artist. He paints his creation with such amazing colors during spring.
  • Baseball! Oh yeah, I greatly enjoy this rite of spring- both the real deal and the fantasy kind. I am only in two fantasy leagues this year- and I am already managing away.  Fantasy baseball brings out the sports geek in me.

So what is up in your springtime?

Spring is a time or renewal. God designed it that way. I pray that yours will be a spring full of blessings.


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