New Blog Site!

Beautiful Feet is a brand new blogsite dedicated to recognizing ministers within the restoration fellowship and the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches.

It is my plan to profile every week preachers among us who through their faithful ministry are making kingdom differences in their church and community. It is my prayer that this blog will serve not only to give honor to these preachers, but also become as a resource for those seeking to get-to-know these good men.

My motivation and inspiration to begin Beautiful Feet (the title is a reference to a Scripture Paul quoted in the context of Romans 10: 12-15) came as a result of the effort John Dobbs recently led to honor preachers through blogging  (Passing the Torch) and the terrific response from one of my recent blogposts recognizing the good work of preachers.

Beautiful Feet first recognizes Eddie Lewis who is currently the Associate Minister in Education at the Germantown Church of Christ near Memphis, TN. I simply cannot think of anyone more appropriate to kick off this effort. Eddie is a wonderful servant of God. I hope you enjoy his story.

I also solicit your help and input. Please let me know of ministers who have influenced and inspired you. Their stories can encourage others also. I would enjoy introducing them and highlighting their life and ministry through this blog.

Also If you serve in the ministry and would like to use this site to spread the good word about your ministry please contact me.

Click here to visit Beautiful Feet. I hope you will make it a regular part of your blog reading.


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