The Blessing of Blogging

The blogosphere is a wonderful sharing and dialoguing tool. I know I have been blessed through blogging to meet and get to know people who otherwise I would not.

I always greatly appreciate those who stop by here, read and occasionally comment and those who also respond through email and Facebook. It is good to know that this blog stimulates a little kingdom thinking and discussion.  So thanks for your visits! It does mean a lot.

Now just some random bullet points:

  • The “Beautiful Feet” blog which profiles the good work of preachers among us is updated for the week. Stop in and meet Darin Hamm.
  • I am an avid Fantasy Baseball fan. My two teams are not doing so well thus far. Is it okay to pray for them? lol
  • Friends Richard and JennaLynn May are expanding their What God Has Joined Together marriage ministry. This couple would be a wonderful resource for your church.
  • Several of us guys at Gateway just concluded a “Wild at Heart” retreat at an awesome facility in the middle of two lakes and 550 acres. It was an incredible time! There is just something rejuvenating to run around and act like boys again.
  • Please be in prayer for the many so affected by the recent severe weather. Whenever such weather happens I again hear the cries of “the world is ending” and “it is all because of global warming.” Is it just me or are both of these an attempt by man to play God?

Have a great first full week of May!


2 Responses to The Blessing of Blogging

  1. Donna says:

    It is a blessing isn’t it?

    Hope your May Week is good too

  2. Trey Morgan says:

    I agree, blogging is a blessing. And my fantasy teams need prayers too.

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