Some Kind of Summer!


Anyone still stopping by?

If so, you are well aware that my blog has suffered greatly this summer from neglect.  I will not make excuses just share what has been happening in this summer of 2010.

First up, my latest class in my M.Min program from Harding- Christian Communication- has had me communicating in all sorts of ways mainly to my professor! It has not been a typical laid-back summer course.

Next, I got to spend a wonderful week with two of my daughters (and other family members) at Sardis Lake Christian Camp. I took Taylor to her first full session of camp as a camper back to my old stomping grounds. Natalie, my oldest daughter,  also came and served as the camp nurse. Nat grew up going to this camp. My cousin, Kenny Jackson, directed the week. It was a grand family reunion.

Then we went on the family “road-trip” vacation. The first stop was Mayberry- Mt. Airy, North Carolina. This is where Andy Griffith grew up and the town Mayberry was based on. Way cool for me and my girls. We have been watching DVD episodes of The Andy Griffith Show ever since the visit.  Our main stop was Washington D.C. We enjoyed a July 4th concert and fireworks on the capital lawn, visiting the museums and seeing the sites and the hospitality of our friends- Will, Michelle, Kaitlyn and Rachel Hawkins.

Then I was off to Chicago to check off another bucket list item. Thanks to friend, Scottie Ray, I basked in the sun during a Saturday afternoon at Wrigley field! Fantastic! The Cubs lost, of course, in the ninth inning- so I got the real experience. lol

Beyond travels, our summer at Gateway has been busy- all about community outreach. Our summer Sunday night program has moved out of the building and into the lives of people. Our Latino ministry kicked off this summer and is going well, praise God. We also have begun a homeless outreach ministry- providing showers, food, and supplies to our surrounding  homeless population.

As always- thanks for dropping in and visiting even while I have been away!

Gob bless!


4 Responses to Some Kind of Summer!

  1. mmlace says:

    I’m still stopping by! I don’t know that I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but it’s been in my reader for quite some time now, maybe a year or so. I think it was recommended to me by john dobbs. But you grabbed my attention tonight w/the mention of the Hawkins family. I do not really know them, I’ve met them once or twice. But I am friends w/Michelle’s brother and sister, I worship w/them at my church in LR. Small world!

  2. dannydodd says:

    Thanks for reading- and for posting!

    The Hawkins are a wonderful family. We got to know them when they worshipped here, but my wife, Terri, knew Will before in college. We enjoyed staying with them in DC.

    Which church do you attendin LR? Terri worshipped at Pleasent Valley for several years.

  3. mmlace says:

    I go to PV. Love it there!

  4. Darin says:

    I know what summer can be like and yours sounds great.

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