Beyond The Most Desirable Demographic

Another birthday has come and gone and shockingly I discovered that I am no longer in our country’s most desirable demographic!

The TV advertisers no longer want me. If the new national health care plan happens (and if I understand it correctly) I could be on the please-wait-with-your-disease-as-we-treat-all-these-younger-and-more-desirable-people list.  Only AARP is now calling my name.

I have seen it coming. This summer at camp a young whippersnapper had the nerve to say to me and I quote, “What are you doing out here on the volleyball court old man?” After three of my spikes careened off of his head he changed his tune somewhat and offered what he considered was- I guess- a compliment by telling me that I had “hop for an old guy!”

It is everywhere.  A while back my good friends at the Christian Chronicle chronicled how many larger Churches of Christ were trending young- as in really young- when it came to hiring ministers. It is a demographic thing they reported.

Well, I don’t consider myself over-the-hill. After all I still got hop! I still got two girls under the age of 9 that make me hop!

Seriously can we really reduce relevancy, passion and energy to an age category? When did experience become de-valued?

Recently I heard an exciting account of a woman who made a hike down into the Grand Canyon. Breathlessly she recounted her daring journey. At the end she exclaimed, “I couldn’t believe I did it at 50!” What? Big deal! Show me that trail! How could she sell us out that way?

So in spite of all evidence to the contrary, I am here to proclaim there is life beyond the most desirable demographic!

Now, if I could just remember where I put my glasses.


4 Responses to Beyond The Most Desirable Demographic

  1. Donna says:

    I heard that! Or at least I heard something, maybe it was my hearing aid buzzing….

  2. J D says:

    Great post! That Dodd humor making a great point.

  3. Eddie Lewis says:

    When I was a young preacher, I had a preacher friend who was around 50. He was playing ball with the teens at church and pulled a muscle in his leg. He told me later that he finally realized that he had reached the age where he needed to stop playing with the kids. It was a sad day.
    50 means that you have to be very committed to doing the things that will keep you healthy.
    Love you brother!

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