Camp Ruta 2011

Once again God blessed us with an outstanding week of Lithuania Christian Camp at Camp Ruta, near Moletai, Lithuania. Almost 70 children enjoyed the little kids week (ages 7-13). Our theme was Step by Step and together with the local and American counselors from Gateway Church of Christ -we all grew closer to God. Many people in both countries are to be thanked for making this session happen.

This is the thirteenth summer for Lithuania Christian Camp. The evidence of the power of this ministry was all around us during June 27-July 2 as most of the Lithuanian counselors had first been campers in years past. As we listened to the current campers speak on Saturday night of how meaningful the camp was to them in bringing God into their lives, it is not difficult to imagine some of them becoming Christians and Christian counselors in the future.

Of course the camp ministry is an extension of the work of the Vilnius Church of Christ (for many more photos go to their facebook page here). Your continued support, prayers for this body and for the camp ministry is always appreciated.

Here are some photos and a wonderful video put together by those in the Vilnius church:

Bible Class


Morning Blast








Chariot races


Saying Goodbye


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