My Friend, Stan Williams

I first met Stan Williams at the Woodward Park Church of Christ in Fresno, California. We were both there to participate in their Spiritual Growth Workshop a few years ago. Stan immediately welcomed me, embraced me and made me feel like we had been friends for life.  Since then we have become friends for life. It is just that way with Stan.

Stan has spent his life, his energies and his heart serving God and his people. He preached at Woodward Park for several years during which they realized incredible growth. Stan is one of the best evangelists I have ever known. Over the course of his ministry he has been a visionary and demonstrated almost indefatigable energy for the sake of the kingdom. More recently he has served as the preaching minister for the Lassen Street congregation in Vallejo, California. I had the privilege again to see Stan there in May as he helped his church host a wonderful workshop. His smile was as bright as ever, but his body was weakened by an ongoing struggle with colon cancer.

As a result of this disease Stan is having to retire from active ministry. While the prognosis looks good, he simply is not able to continue serving at the level he is accustomed. Like many other ministers who spent their life emptying themselves for others, Stan never thought much about retiring and now is faced with some financial challenges as he makes this transition.  The Vallejo church has committed to assist Stan and his wife, Sherrie, but because of costs related to health care and insurance needs still remain.

Word is spreading among friends of Stan. Our brother needs our help. The Woodward Park church has agreed to process any assistance by individuals through the “Williams Assistance Fund” at this address: 7886 North Millbrook Avenue, Fresno, CA 93720; attention John Ed Clark, elder. The Sherrod Avenue church in Florence, Alabama (where Stan’s son, Kerry preaches) is processing assistance by congregations at this address: 1207 Sherrod Avenue, Florence, AL 35630; attention Kerry Williams, minister.

Stan is a mighty soldier of the cross and I know that regardless of whatever challenges he now faces- he will face them with strong and unwavering faith and with a smile that cannot be diminished. I also know that others will be blessed everywhere he may journey. That is just the way it is with Stan.


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